Tokyo’s Award-Winning Gooey Chocolate Cake From Ken’s Cafe Tokyo Is Coming To Singapore This Dec!

The waiting time for this gooey chocolate cake is 3 months on average

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Soft, decadent, and melt-in-your-mouth – that’s the award-winning Gateau Chocolat from Ken’s Cafe Tokyo, a famous Japanese Chocolatier with pre-order waiting times that can stretch up to 3 months long!

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Ken’s Cafe Tokyo in Japan. Source:
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Arriving on our shores this December at Watanabe Coffee, the Gateau Chocolat is gluten-free and handmade with a special blend of Domori grand cru chocolate, salt-free butter, and eggs that have “mukashinoaji“, which means “a nostalgic flavour from the past”.

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The result is a rich and chocolatey taste that isn’t overly sweet, and these cakes can be enjoyed in 3 different textures as well – a dense Terrine Chocolat at room temperature, a creamy Chocolate Ganache when chilled in the refrigerator, and a molten Fondant Chocolat when heated slightly in the microwave!

Previously only produced exclusively in Ken’s Cafe Tokyo, the cakes will be available in Singapore for the first time – and while they aren’t made by founder Chef Kenji Ujiie himself, they will be whipped up by Chef Ito from Watanabe Coffee, who studied directly under Chef Kenji Ujiie!

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Chef Kenji Ujiie. Source:
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So mark your calendars for 1st December and make sure to head down early because there’ll only be a limited quantity of just 20 cakes available every day! Each slice will cost $8, while an entire cake will retail at $48.15 (280g).
For more updates on the cake, keep a lookout on Watanabe Coffee’s Facebook page here!
Address: #01-01 Isetan Scotts Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road, Singapore 238868

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