Unagi Vs Salmon – New Healthy Unagi And Salmon Sashimi Grain Bowls In The CBD From Just $9.90

Build your own bowl of goodness in this cosy eatery

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It’s not easy to find dining options in the CBD that are healthy, filling, and affordable, but lucky for the working crowd, Unagi Vs Salmon is a newly-opened gem in Icon Village that serves grain and poke bowls from just $9.90.

Unagi Vs Salmon (7)Nestled along the outskirts of the mall, the cosy restaurant is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled for its signboard.

They pride themselves greatly on quality, so diners can expect only fresh Norwegian salmon and unagi that is delivered to the shop daily, as well as handmade sauces, marinades, and sides like maki rolls. Even an ordinarily simple miso soup is turned into a hearty bowl reminiscent of home-boiled soups thanks to its generous serving of carrots, shimeji mushroom, radish, and onions!
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To build your own bowl, choose from a wide selection of bases, protein mains, and add-ons. Base options include mixed red rice, buckwheat soba, salad greens, and fusilli pasta, while mains consist of 8 staple choices – Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Mentaiko, Salmon Poke, Spicy Poke, Teriyaki Salmon, Grilled Unagi, Unagi Mentaiko, and Unagi Tamagoyaki.

Unagi Vs Salmon (9)The base price of each bowl is $9.90!

Add-on toppings are available at $0.90 each, with the likes of crowd favourites such as onsen eggs, avocado, prawn roe, seaweed edamame, tamagoyaki, and more. To upsize or add a main to your bowl, just top up an additional $5.90!
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Being a spice lover and huge fan of mentaiko, we opted for the Spicy Poke and Salmon Mentaiko, both with mixed red rice as the base. Seasoned with vinegar and savoury furikake, the rice grains were plump and firm, and stuck to each other perfectly!

Unagi Vs Salmon (12)Spicy Poke

You know the sashimi is fresh when it is naturally sweet and void of any briny taste, and that’s exactly what Unagi Vs Salmon’s Spicy Poke ($9.90) sashimi cubes taste like.
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Tossed with soy sauce and freshly-grounded chilli, the salmon chunks were rich, tender, and much spicier than expected, which made for a very satisfying and guilt-free fix for any spicy cravings.

Unagi Vs Salmon (13)Salmon Mentaiko

As for the Salmon Mentaiko ($9.90), which is one of their best-sellers so far, we can all agree that mentaiko on its own is already a crowd-pleaser. Blowtorch it aburi-style though, and it’s a whole new level of delicious!

Unagi Vs Salmon (10)There’s even crunchy ebiko atop each salmon slice!

Creamy and flavourful without being cloying, the subtle charred aftertaste helped to add dimension to the dish and left us with a lingering aroma in our mouths.

Unagi Vs Salmon (11)Unagi Vs Salmon

Make sure to give their signature Unagi Vs Salmon ($15.90) bowl a try for the ultimate treat! Consisting of springy buckwheat soba topped with grilled unagi, melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi, avocado slices, salad greens, and an onsen egg which we recommend mixing everything together, the result is buttery, decadent noodles coated in gooey yolk and avocado with soft unagi bits and sashimi slices in every mouthful.
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As part of their grand opening promotion, Unagi Vs Salmon is currently offering a free miso soup or hot green tea with any bowl purchased. On top of that, keep a lookout for another upcoming deal – 1 Spicy Poke and 1 Salmon Sashimi mixed red rice bowl will be available for just $14.90 (U.P. $19.80)!
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Unagi Vs Salmon
Address: #01-46 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM – 10PM | Sat – Sun: 12PM – 8PM
Telephone: 8812 4884

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