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Vietnam Has A New ‘Golden Bridge’ Among The Skies In Da Nang And It Is Taking Over Instagram

Take a walk between “the giant hands of a god”

Vietnam Golden Bridge 3This photo is everywhere on Instagram. Source: @smashpop

Search for the geotag “Da Nang, Vietnam” on Instagram and you’ll find that 6 out of 9 of the top posts are pictures of an ethereal-looking place – the Golden Bridge.

Vietnam Golden Bridge 1Source: @nbcnews

Also known as Cau Vang, the Golden Bridge is located in Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills and recently opened only in June. Perched along a cliff edge over 1,000m above the valley below, it’s about 150m long, and supported by 2 majestic stone-coloured hands modelled to look like the “giant hands of gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land”.

Vietnam Golden Bridge 4Source: AFP/Getty Images

Walking along it gives you the feeling of walking amongst clouds, with its foggy surroundings and magical view of the Ba Na mountain!

Vietnam Golden Bridge 2Source: @dagens_nyheter

Apparently, an equally breathtaking silver bridge designed to look like “a strand of a god’s hair” will be built in the future to connect to this Golden Bridge, but until then, this creation will be the highlight of every trip itinerary to Da Nang!
Plus, with Da Nang being the 4th largest city in Vietnam and known for its good mix of historical pagodas, beautiful French colonial buildings, and pristine beaches, it already sounds like an amazing weekend getaway.

Address: Bà Nà, Hòa Phú, Hòa Vang, Da Nang, Vietnam

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