Virgil Abloh's "Keep Off" Rug Is Coming To IKEA SG In May

When even your rugs are edgy
Two years after IKEA announced its collaboration with street fashion label Off-White, the hype around the much-anticipated collection is still very alive. Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton and founder of Off-White, has taken on modern day home furnishing with much irony, revealing a collection of wooden chairs, doorstops and totes at IKEA-friendly prices.
While the OFF-WHITE X IKEA “MARKERAD” collection doesn’t look like it’ll be making it’s way to our shores anytime soon, the “KEEP OFF” rug will definitely be dropping in Singapore. And we’ve got a date and price.
Inspired by Persian rugs, the blue paisley print is emblazoned with the words “KEEP OFF” in Off-White’s synonymous font. The rug is meant to parody the parental obsession with keeping the living room nice and presentable – something that we all can understand. How many times have your parents told you to get your feet off the couch or not eat on the sofa? Subtly tell them that it’s your room, your rules with Abloh’s “KEEP OFF” rug.
The “Keep Off” rug will retail for $499, and will drop in IKEA Tampines on 9 May. For an IKEA rug, it’s pretty decent price-wise. For something by Virgil Abloh? A steal.
You’re going to want to be there early as there are only 2 “Keep Off”rugs that is available in Singapore.
The hypebeast designer is just one of 8 designers who are collaborating with the Swedish brand for their upcoming IKEA Art Event. Instead of IKEA’s usual China-made rugs, 8 designers have created a contemporary rug made with wool or natural materials. These handmade rugs are all a work of art in itself – their nature means that no two rugs are completely identical and all have tiny imperfections.

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Other artists part of this collab include Misaki Kawai, Noah Lyon, Craig Green, Seulgi Lee, Supakitch, Chiaozza, and Filip Pagowski.
The IKEA Art Event featuring all eight limited edition rugs will be available on 9 May only at IKEA Tampines. Only 2 pieces of the Virgil Abloh ” Keep Off” Rug will be available in Singapore.
All images from IKEA

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