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We Tried Pocky’s New Colourful Surprise Flavour

We’re always down for trying new things, especially if they come with an element of surprise. So we had to do a taste test for Pocky’s new limited edition Colourful Surprise flavour! 
Already the packaging looks super exciting; it’s definitely a departure from Pocky’s regular packaging.
These biscuit sticks are coated with Citrus flavoured cream-mixed sugar flakes. And Citrus it is, as they tasted like a crossover of lemons and bananas. In particular, they reminded us of the lemon Khong Guan biscuits. We only wish that they came in individual flavours! 
For what it’s worth, the Colourful Surprise Flavour serves as a less sweet and textured alternative to regular pocky sticks. Since it’s limited edition, we recommend giving them a try and enjoying them as a sweet treat with your friends! 
Available at most Fairprice outlets at $1.60 a pack. 

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