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1. Soul Coffee

Soul Coffee is Singapore’s first ever 4D immersive café with wall-to-wall graphic projections, an AI robot barista and even a hidden tarot reading room! Soul Coffee is the perfect place for you to wind down, with a soothing ambience and even horoscope-inspired drinks! Concealed within the walls of the café is a hidden door that opens into a quiet tarot reading room, away from all the noise and distractions of the café outside. 

If you happen to visit the café and already have a question in mind you can walk-in and ask for a reading (subject to availability), but you are encouraged to make a reservation reading instead. You can reserve a tarot reading session via Instagram/Facebook DM or via 9876 7257. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $48 – 1 question (~15 minutes)
  • $88 – unlimited questions (30 minutes) 

For more details on Soul Coffee, see our full article here


Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #02-16 Kinex Shopping Mall, Singapore 437157
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily 



2. The Love Witch 

You’ve probably heard of Singapore’s very own Love Witch, notorious for doling out all things witchy, from love spells to even curses and more. The Love Witch’s founder, Bambi aims to share her knowledge of such ancient practices to bring spiritual, emotional and mental enlightenment to all who seek it.

Tarot readings at The Love Witch are conducted by Ali, a Senior Tarot Reader, who will tap into his psychic senses to draw cards (no fixed number) for each individuals’ situation. Each tarot reading session is incredibly personal, and you will leave with clear advice on what you should do to improve your situation. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $78 (25 minutes)
  • $156 (50 minutes)

You can book a reading session with Ali here.


Address: 1 Rochor Canal, Sim Lim Square #02-28

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11.30am-9pm




3. Blushlife Co.

Founded by Kirstie, Blushlife specialises in remote tarot readings for every aspect of life: work, love and any other burning questions. This is a perfect option if you’re a busy bee (or just shy) and are unable to make the trip for a physical reading.

IG: @kristie.szm

All tarot readings with Blushlife are done via text or in audio file format through WhatsApp, Telegram or email, not in person. You may opt for a reading via Zoom video call for an additional top up of $50. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $40 (15 minutes)
  • $88 (55 minutes)
  • $138 (1 hour 30 minutes)

For more details on types of tarot readings sessions you can book at Blushlife, or to secure your session, see here.




4. Tarot Mamta 

Here’s another online and email tarot reading option for better flexibility! Tarot Mamta is a highly experienced tarot reader—she learnt the craft from a gypsy woman in London and has been doing tarot readings for over 18 years. You can book online tarot readings sessions via email, phone call, WhatsApp video/audio or Skype!

If you’re interested in dabbling in tarot reading yourself, Tarot Mamta also offers tarot reading courses. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $60 (30 minutes)
  • $120 (1 hour)

For more options for tarot reading sessions with Tarot Mamta, or to book your session, see here.





5. Tarot on the Moon

Run by Elaine, Tarot on the Moon is a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgmental space where you can get personal advice on intimate matters, allowing for timely introspection and long-lasting change to happen in your life. Occasionally, Elaine also enlists the help of her Lernomand cards if you have more practical concerns. 

Elaine also conducts her tarot reading sessions online, and if you’re not looking for a tarot reading, you can also check out her book recommendations for radical wellness! Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $30 (15 minutes)
  • $60 (30 minutes) 
  • $90 (45 minutes) 
  • $120 (1 hour)

Book your tarot reading session with Elaine here




6. Moonchild Rising 

Moonchild Rising prides itself on being an LQBTQ+ friendly space, so you can feel free to bring your burning questions and life woes to Cheryl, the founder and clairsentient tarot reader of Moonchild Rising. Cheryl provides Outlook Readings to give you insight on how and where to project your energies and tackle challenges that lie ahead.

She also offers Spread Readings (pre-designed spreads), face-to-face or virtual tarot readings as well as DM Reads (chargeable per question). Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $66 (30 minutes) – Outlook Reading
  • $70 (30 minutes) – Zoom Reading
  • $130 (1 hour) – Zoom Reading 
  •  $100 (30 minutes) – Face-to-face
  • $150 (1 hour) – Face-to-face

For more details on Moonchild Rising’s tarot readings, or to book your session, see here





7. SG Tarot Boy

Jed is the face behind SG Tarot Boy, and he’s a tarot and oracle reader offering mainly online services for tarot readings and various healing services like Angelic Reiki healing, energy healing and more. SG Tarot Boy offers a wide range of different readings for various situations and needs: reconciliation, closure, romantic progression, spiritual readings and many more.

SG Tarot Boy does his readings via PDF, which will be sent to you, or you can opt for live text/audio/Facetime/video at additional charges. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $12 – 1 question
  • $20 – 2 questions
  • $42 – General Reading
  • $50 (30 minutes) – Live text/audio
  • $60 (1 hour) – Live text/audio
  • $65 (30 minutes) – Live Facetime/video
  • $111 (1 hour) – Live Facetime/video

For more information on the types of readings offered by SG Tarot Boy, check out his “tarot reading” highlights on his Instagram. You may also book your tarot reading session via Instagram DM.




8. The Secret Door

As an astrologist and psychic, Fion of The Secret Door offers tarot and aura readings, coaching, divinations, spells and more. Fion also provides group readings, witch runes, Lenormand and oracle readings, aura readings and more. 

All tarot readings at The Secret Door is done virtually via video call. You also have the option to receive your reading via voice message, which will be sent to you within 3-5 working days. Rates for tarot card readings are as follows: 

  • $33 – 1 question
  • $88 – 3 questions
  • $166 (1 hour 30 minutes) – unlimited questions