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YOON Salon Reviews: Treat Your Tresses Right

Thinking of getting your tresses done to keep up with the latest trend? We found a place in town that might solve all your hair needs!

Located around town, YOON is one of top hair salons on our island city that provides a wide range of premium services that leaves your tresses stylish and healthy, ranging from wash and blow to elaborate colouring treatments.

Upon researching, we found out that the products that they utilise are gentle and do not consist of strong chemicals, so rest assured that your mane will be revitalized to a healthy and silky state.

Are your tresses overdue for some salon-grade TLC?

Take your pick:

  1. Hair Cut
  2. Wash & Blow
  3. Hair Treatment
  4. Scalp Treatment

Hair Cut

Their friendly stylists will first recommend the best styles for you based on your face shape, complexion and vibe. Once you’ve made your decision, your tresses will be professionally trimmed and styled to achieve your desired look. Before you hop off the salon seat, be sure to get their professional tips on how to maintain your new style. They also offer salon cuts for kids, so you can bring your little one along!

Hair Treatment

If your mane is suffering from frizziness, breakage or even heavy cuticle damages, you would be glad to know that it can be salvaged at this salon. Not only will you be able to tame your frizz that is out of control, you will also achieve a silky smooth finishing. By repairing from within, your tresses will not only look healthy, but actually feel healthy. Their treatments are personalised for each individual to provide a holistic repair for your long-suffering cuticles! Some reviews have stated that they were pleasantly surprised by the results, given the affordable price!

Need to level up your colour game? 

Shake things up with:

  1. Colouring
  2. Creative Hair Colouring
  3. Bleaching

Creative Hair Colouring

If you wanna go a little crazy with your style, you can choose their creative dyeing services! Their expertise includes multiple colours and ombre, as well as highlighting and balayage. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles but we do want to shine a spotlight on balayage. Balayage is a creative technique that paints the lighter shades on to a darker base, as though to mimic how the light might hit your tresses. The final look is one that is definitely natural! With their high quality dyes that lock in colour and moisture, not only will you end up with vibrantly coloured crowning glory, but also healthy follicles with a healthy glow.


I think I can speak for many of us to say that bleaching is one of the most worrisome salon procedures (I mean, one wrong move and your tresses are fried!) However, with their promise of using only high-quality products, you will achieve your desired shade of lightness while maintaining a strong strand integrity. Some of the products they use comes from reputable brands such as L’Oreal & Jolen. Cream Bleach Formula (contains aloe vera, which locks in moisture in your cuticles). The process of bleaching also involves some heat application. So you will spend some time under a thermal machine while the bleach is fully absorbed into the strand’s inner cortex layer for great results. Pictures of customers on their official website has shown the effectiveness of their bleaching procedure. And we dare say that the results look very natural and healthy!

Getting bored with your natural texture? 

They’ve got you covered:

  1. Perming
  2. Rebonding
  3. Creative Hair Shaping


Living in Singapore, frizz can be a really pesky problem to deal with every morning. Sometimes, we just want to be able to get out of bed and not have to fuss about making sure our tresses are silky smooth like in those TV ads. Luckily, the stylists here can help smoothen out the kinks and crinkles in your precious crowning glory. Now you can enjoy the thrill of swishing about a beautiful waterfall of tresses down your back as you walk out of the salon. The best part? You’ll look professional, put together and ever-ready for that promotion – effortlessly.

Creative Hair Shaping

I’m sure that many of us wish to have those natural soft curls and voluminous styles we see on Korean dramas, and you’d be pleased to know that they are able to do up C-curls and S-curls so that you will achieve soft and manageable tresses! They’ll also recommend a flattering length along with this style so that it will best frame your face. For example, if you are looking to contour your facial bone structure, a bob with Volume C-curl Rebonding is a match made in heaven.

Check Out YOON Salon Spots in Town

Nobody wants to travel too far for their much-needed salon TLC. So it’s wonderful to know that they have not just 1, not 2 but 3 crowning glory care spots for you to pick from – at Havelock, Queensway and Midpoint Orchard. Plus, they’re really easy to get to. 

Want a cut after getting off work? Pop by for your appointment at Havelock II! It’s just down the road from Clarke Quay MRT, with a long list of bus services you can choose from. Near IKEA Alexandra and Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is where you’ll find YOON’s second location at Queensway Shopping Centre. For an even more centrally located spot, head to the Orchard branch. All you have to do is simply alight at Somerset MRT station and cut through 313 @ Somerset to Midpoint Orchard.

All of their venues are open 7 days a week including public holidays, 11AM – 9PM.

Of course, before you head down to any of these 3 salon spots, here’s a pro tip to really get the most out of your first session. They are currently running a $28 deal for anyone who books their first slot online. Be it perming, scalp treatment or a classic wash and blow, you can opt for any one from their full suite of salon services.

Grab your $28 deal now.

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