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Make Your Own Beer Slushie in Minutes with this Slushy Maker

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Slushies are almost a necessity in Singapore’s humid weather. But to enjoy their cold, refreshing sensation, we’d either have to travel to a mall or settle for one at our nearest convenience store. Save the hassle — we found a product that makes slushies out of regular drinks on the spot, including booze. 

Source: Zoku

Introducing the Zoku Slush & Shake Maker, an unassuming regular looking cup that freezes your drink in minutes. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Freeze your Zoku cup for at least 8 hours (we think it would be best to place it in the freezer immediately upon receiving the cup and after using it, so you don’t have to wait the next time you want to use it).
  2. Pour your drink into the Zoku cup (almost any drink works — get creative!)
Source: Danny Macs Kitchen | Youtube

3. Mix the drink and especially scrape the sides to avoid frozen bits from getting stuck. This process should take about seven minutes.

Source: Danny Macs Kitchen | Youtube
Source: Danny Macs Kitchen | Youtube
Source: Zoku

There’s also a Coca-Cola version under the same brand if you want a bottle that looks trendier. 

Source: Zoku
Source: @brianacrandall | Instagram

What do you think? Would you get this product? 

Available on Lazada for $25.90. 

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