DIY Local Delights With These Party Sets That Come With Fail-Proof Placement Mat Recipes!

Fuss-free option for a great party activity 


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The first thing that comes to my mind when I’m holding a party would be to call for pizza delivery. /yawns/ And if you’re just like me, let’s add a little more fun to our parties with Fortune Food’s DIY Party Sets that not only provide all ingredients needed to whip up tantalising delights like Laksa, Popiah, and Kueh Pie Ti, but also boast adorable mats that teach you how to go about it as a fun DIY station at your party!

P.S. It’s Halal-certified too.


Source: Fortune Food

Besides, Chinese New Year is just around the corner which means that these party sets will definitely come in handy to impress your family and friends, and also to keep them busy so no one gets bored!

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Source: @fortunefoodsg

There are 5 types of party sets you can choose from – Popiah Set ($30), Laksa Set ($49), Kueh Pie Ti Set ($34), Muah Chee Set ($32) and Ayam Koro Set ($38). That’s really value-for-money, because each set caters to at least 15 to 20 servings so that’s really value-for-money.


Source: @fortunefoodsg


Source: @fortunefoodsg


Source: Fortune Food

You can have the party sets delivered to your house or opt to pick them up from Fortune Food’s main kitchen at Bedok North, but do take note that you have to place your orders early as there are limited delivery slots per day.

Fortune Food’s Main Kitchen

Address: 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #01-13 Gourmet East Kitchen Singapore 486121

Opening Hours: Daily | 9AM – 5.30PM



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