Room Goals That Will Inspire Minimalists To Do Spring Cleaning This CNY

As Chinese New Year approaches, seeing red and hearing Chinese songs are inevitable. This also serves as a jarring reminder for you that spring cleaning has to be done very soon. Every year, there is a tendency for us to constantly procrastinate when it comes to tidying and packing our rooms. For many generations, it is believed that tidying up our house before Chinese New Year will ‘brush away’ all the bad luck (think using a broom to sweep the floor). If you have yet to begin on your spring cleaning, why not have a look at these room goals for some much-needed inspiration!
If you wish to perk up your room’s aesthetics, you will be glad to find that you are able to purchase some of the products listed below.
1. Grey Rustic Hue 


Geometric Candle Holders ($9.32)

This edgy candleholders will complete the aesthetics on your work desk or bedside table.

Accessories Tray ($22.58)

Organise your accessories with this see-through tray, detailed with gold, for easy usability.

Round Wall Mirror ($19.90)

This expensive-looking and elegant round mirror will perk up your room.

2. Warm And Cosy



Reversible Satin Sequin Pillow Case ($9)

Add a touch of fun and glam to your room with this unique pillow that will change colours every time you touch it.

Gray Floor Rug ($15.70)

The suction pad underneath this warm gray rug will ensure that you will not slip and fall easily.

Foldable Gold Table Lamp ($45)

Its portability and design make cleaning your room effortless.

3. Simple Is Sophisticated 


Wall Clock ($22.79)

This minimalistic marble clock is the epitome of modern day simplicity.

Artificial Potted Plant ($7.90)

Keep things easy and neat with this artificial plant.

Wall Shelf ($11.90)

A simple white rack is essential in making sure your things look presentable in the open.

4. Organised And Clean



Diamond Chair ($76.44)

Shaped like a diamond, this chair’s unique design will make your room stand out.

Storage Boxes ($4.90)

Plain on the outside, these boxes are perfect for hiding things that do not fit your room’s aesthetics.

Folders/Files ($4.90 for 2)

Keep all your loose papers in these monochrome files.

5. Playing With Neutrals 



Photo Frames ($12.90 for 8)

Frame up your photos in these photo frames that come in a set a of 8.

LED Floor Lamp ($129)

Tall and slim, this floor lamp will brighten up your room without taking up too much space.

Bedside Table ($59)

Every room needs a classic bedside table with two drawers.

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