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Yàn Restaurant launches 8 signature set menus for Chinese New Year 2017

Revolutionizing traditional Cantonese cuisine with contemporary platings at our iconic National Gallery Singapore is the mod-Chinese restaurant Yàn, whose chinese name ‘宴’ symbolizes the reminisce of convivial gatherings and feelings of togetherness.
Yen Restaurant 1
Yen Restaurant 2
In view of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Yàn has offered a total of 8 signature set menus from 9 January – 11 February 2017 (available for both lunch and dinner), each meticulously designed to accommodate multi-generational families, groups of friends and even couples – with the menus ranging from $118++ to $268++ per person.
A spacious communal hall dimly lit up by a soft, warm hue of orange entails after a grand entrance into the restaurant. Along with tinges of Chinese accents, the intricate touches on their furniture are reflective of a modern day Chinese restaurant at its best while the handpicked art ornaments around the restaurant forms a continuity with the museum experience.
Signature Yellowtail Fish & Crispy Lobster Fillet Yu Sheng with Golden Flake in Shun De Style
Yen Restaurant 3
As with the traditional customs, all signature set menus will begin with Yàn’s rendition of Lo Hei. Apart from the conventional Prosperity Salmon Lo Hei, bigger groups can toss to a year of abundance with the Signature Yellowtail Fish Yu Sheng Golden Flake in Shun De Style in the private dining rooms – a dish inspired from the forefathers of the founder at Yàn.
Yen Restaurant 5
Be prepared to get blown away by this unconventional twist on traditional Lo Hei alongside its breathtaking aesthetics. While there is the familiar crunch from the base of the fried vermicelli and the crisp capsicums, its mostly savoury nature along with sesame, peanut, ginger, spring onion and homemade soya sauce deviates from the sweeter version that we are used to. The aftertaste of a basil scent completes the explosion of flavours and addition of luxurious lobster fillets to the dish is available.
Yen Restaurant 6
Signature Roasted Suckling Pig
The highlight of any prosperous festive feast as well as Yàn’s specialty, this dish is done 3 ways – Crispy Skin, Carved Shoulder and the Oven-Baked Fillet with Lemongrass. Do take note that this is available ala carte at $124++ and should be ordered a day in advance.
Crispy Skin
Yen Restaurant 6
Presented on bite-sized pieces of steamed buns with refreshing sides of cucumber and spring onions, it is recommended to savor the entire dish in their complementary pairing. The clean cut of crispy skin that comes with a good size of fats beneath it is as satisfying as it gets. The accompanying sauce provides a welcomed sweet-salty combination while it hampers the skin from coming off as too greasy.
Dual Style Roasted & Szechuan ‘Bon Bon’ Chicken
Yen Restaurant 7
A new creation that features a full spring chicken served in 2 ways – half of it shredded and coated with traditional homemade Si Chuan Ma La spice, and the other half aromatically roasted. Bringing together two different flavours in a dish, it is aptly designed such that it almost implies the important significance of gathering various generations during this festive period in the year of the Rooster.
A popular dish in China, Bon Bon Chicken, is so named because of the way it is prepared – the meat is pounded using a stick or hammer to tenderise it, although the roasted areas which emit a smoky flavour are of a firmer texture. On the other hand, the counterparts treated with Szechuan spices are softer and indicative of the increasingly popular “Mala” pot, delivering that distinctive spicy taste that is followed by a pleasantly numbing sensation.
Braised 2 Head Abalone with Wild Mushroom
Yen Restaurant 8
The simple plating of this luscious item makes room for its quality to speak for itself. Indeed, extremely tender with a superior oyster sauce, it takes almost no effort to knife down slices of this 2 Head Abalone that comes with a good chew. Silky on the outside and sweet on its flesh, this dish is elegantly flavourful with the minimal of ingredients.
Chilled Mango Cream Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream & Oats / Pan-fried Sweet Rice Cake
Yen Restaurant 9
Served in an actual Coconut Husk, it is one gratifying sweet treat that is symbolic of a sweet ending to a festive feast, signifying yet another prosperous year to come – mango ice shavings and vanilla ice cream topped with mango purée, mint leaves and coconut shavings, the husk that the components are shelled in is also walled with fresh coconut flesh that comes off smoothly.
The Fried Nian Gao dusted with coconut shavings and oats is warm, chewy and nutty, carrying itself as a contrasting pairing or an alternative to the refreshingly icy Chilled Mango Cream.
#05-02 National Gallery Singapore 1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
Opening hours:
Daily 1130 – 1430, 1800 – 2230
+65 6384 5585

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