Shakespeare Milkshakes, Johor Bahru
Cafe hopping is no longer confined to our Singaporean shores. When it comes to flatlay-worthy food and instagrammable interior of our aesthetic dreams, our neighbouring city has its fair share of impressive cafes – all at a fraction of the usual brunch price (bless you, exchange rate). Meet ShakespeareMilkshakes, the latest dessert addition to the hipster enclave in JB.
Shakesspear - Shout
Located along the Jalan Trus stretch, this new cafe specialises in milkshakes, waffles and soft serve ice cream.
Their Speciality Milkshakes come in three original flavours and six speciality flavours. The Kinder Bueno shake is a must-try for chocolate lovers – a rich blend of dark chocolate ice cream sinfully topped with Kinder Bueno bars, cookies, Pocky sticks and gooey chocolate sauce.
Freshly made waffles and house-made soft serve ice cream are also on the menu. The guys at Shakespeare Milkshakes know that ice cream on waffles is the ultimate dessert combination, which is why they have three variations of this divine pairing. One of them, the Chocolate Banana, is essentially dark chocolate soft serve, brûlée banana and banana crisps atop fluffy waffles.
Chocolate lovers, you’re in luck again –  their Single Origin Hot Chocolate is another standout on the menu, using fine single origin chocolate made into chocolate ganache. It is served with warm milk and brûlée marshmallow.
Begin your JB adventures with a good cuppa at your first cafe, walk to the next street for brunch at another and end off with dessert at Shakespear Milkshakes. We’re more than thrilled to welcome a fresh face in the booming cafe scene here – there’s always room for dessert.

Shakespeare Milkshake
9, Jalan Trus
Johor Bahru 80000
Hours: 12:00PM – 10:00PM
Tel: +60 16-421 8530

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