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Sombori Island Is A Quiet Getaway Hidden Just Hours Away From Singapore

A far-flung paradise in Indonesia perfect for an undisturbed retreat

Sombori Island 5Source: @cece_chaann

Bright turquoise waters, pristine white beaches, majestic cliffs, and unexplored caves – that’s Sombori Island for you, one of Indonesia’s best-kept secret tucked away off the coast of Southeast Sulawesi.

Sombori Island 7Source: @sombori_official

Unlike what its name states, Sombori Island is actually a cluster of exquisite coral islands, some uninhabited and some occupied by a small fishing village.

Sombori Island 4Source: @miss.rennn

Located about 5 hours away via speedboat from mainland Kendari, the capital city of Sulawesi, this tranquil paradise is perfect for a day trip, and isn’t just a place for you to relax by the beach. With their myriad of lagoons and clear blue bays, you can go snorkelling, diving, canoeing, and cave exploring too!

Sombori Island 3Source: @gianfictoria

Its beauty has also been compared to the famous Raja Ampat Island before too, and it’s evident from all the stunning photos posted on Instagram.

Sombori Island 6Look at how clear the waters are! Source: @sombori_official

Sombori Island 1Source: @cece_chaann

Plus, there’s one particularly amazing photo-worthy spot – the Kayangan Peak viewpoint on Sombori Hill.

Sombori Island 2Said Kayangan Peak viewpoint. Source: @johhny.melon

Do keep in mind that the best time to visit Sombori Island is between September to May, when the waves are calmer and safer to be in!
For a more in-depth guide on how to get to Sombori Island, check here.

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