The Rise of Anti Social Social Club

You don’t have to be all up the streetwear culture alley to recognise this brand’s famed Dad caps and pastel graphic tees. Anti Social Social Club, an American streetwear brand, is on everyone’s radar these days, redefining streetwear with their simple yet head turning Tumblr-esque garb.
source: hypebeast
Helmed by Stussy’s brand marketing manager and creative director Neek Lurk, Anti Social Social Club’s founding principle is an honest reflection of this veteran designer’s life. “The brand got started when I’d think about people I knew that were really anti-social in a social setting. It was as simple as that. I never really hung out with anyone until recently, when I moved to Los Angeles,” he had said in an interview.
Essentially selling an attitude in the form of unisex tees, coaches jackets, button-down shirts and Dad caps, this indie label brings a strong sense of individuality to the table with their non-conforming, abstract aesthetic. Neek’s designs are meant to cater to an under-represented minority group, or, simply put, the “outcasts” of society.
This eccentric designer strays away from the conventional cool vibes that popular streetwear labels usually exude, channelling a melancholic, “it’s okay not to be okay” ethos in the designs he curates. The brand started gaining serious traction for their relatable graphic messages, pastel garments and quirky decals that stood out in a sea of mainstream streetwear. Of course, their unorthodox marketing strategies – an abstract website, unrelated emo graphic messages and nearly no product information – also generate an air of elusiveness around the label that naturally draws curiosity.
Designs are always kept minimal in understated colourways that are easy to pull off, appealing to the masses. You don’t need streetwear knowledge to rock their versatile line. The bevy of relaxed-fit products that roll out are a reflection of Neek’s interest in functionality – “I like girls that can pull off wearing key designer pieces mixed with with cheap plain basic pieces.”
Anti Social Social Club’s predominantly pastel garb are often embellished with morose phrases and unassuming Korean decals, but their bestsellers will always be the six-panel Dad caps, graphic tees and jackets bedecked with the signature Anti Social Social Club logo. These products sell out almost immediately upon release.
This front runner in the streetwear scene has recently dropped their latest Fall/Winter collection. Continuing with the same logo-driven approach, a plaid shirt has now been added to the collection, next to the usual hoodies, tees and caps. Fresh colourways have also been introduced, with the likes of bright blues and even aquamarine.
With refreshing designs backed by a certified hype-status, the craze over this Kim K and Cara Delevingne-approved brand is more than justified. But beyond just sartorial gold, Anti Social Social Club also drives an important message home: stay weird, don’t conform  – it is perfectly okay to be different. Neek Lurk has been described as “sadistic”, “masochistic” and “manic depressive”, but does not deny these claims. To some extent, his brand is a celebration of individuality and self-acceptance.
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