Be The Very Best With These Pokémon Go Shoes

We might have just found the ultimate game changer in your quest to become the best Pokemon Master out there. Riding on the global phenomenon of Pokemon GO, these revolutionary high-tech sneakers by

aim to make Pokemon-catching a breeze for all you obsessed gamers.
source: pinterest
source: pinterest

Known as the Vixole Matrix, the Pokemon e-sneaker boasts a built-in LED display that syncs up with your smartphone. It will vibrate whenever a Pokemon is nearby, prompting you to whip out your smartphone to catch ‘em all. Gone are the days of aimless Pokemon-hunting that, at times, bear little to no fruition. Fitted with navigational sensors responding to motion and sound, you will now be more than ready for non-stop Pokemon Go action.

Helping you catch Pokemon with ease is undeniably the best and most exciting function of this shoe, but the capabilities of this e-sneaker extend beyond this augmented reality game – the sensors also have a role in traditional smartphone usage, alerting you whenever a new text message or Facebook notification rolls in.
Another sick feature is the shoe’s interactivity with Google Maps. If you happen to lose your way whilst trying to hunt down the rarest of Pokemon in ulu places, your GPS-enabled shoes can now hook you up with Google Maps and lead you back to civilisation.

source: digitalspy
source: digitalspy

Ingenious technology aside, how hypebeast are these kicks? Its sleek and futuristic design, coupled with versatile colourways render it equal parts fashionable and functional. You don’t have to be a Pokemon Go gamer to rock these kicks.
Look out for Vixole’s Kickstarter campaign next month as they attempt to fund the production of these smart walkers – we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair. Bless you, technology.

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