Tokidon Is An 80’s Disco-inspired Japanese Eatery In CBD That Has Gourmet Beef Bowls From Just $11.90

Quality Wagyu donburi in a casual setting
Tokidon 10
We’re always on the hunt for something new to eat in the CBD, and now we have gourmet beef bowls at an affordable price from the same folks who brought us Kabuke, a popular sake bar in Telok Ayer.
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Tucked away in The Basement of the newly-revamped Hong Leong Building, Tokidon is reminiscent of the 1980’s disco scene, with dark purple hues, spotlights and dim lighting, and a flashy red neon sign.

Beefing things up

Tokidon 5
It’s evident that they take their beef very seriously as well, with huge slabs of their beef on display so that diners can see the cuts that they’re getting for themselves – their grade 8 – 9 Sukiyaki is imported from the US, and their grade 5 – 6 Wagyu hails from Australia.

Tokidon 9Check out the marbling on the Wagyu sukiyaki!

In order for the beef to remain tender and juicy, all beef served is done medium-rare at Tokidon. Warnings are printed on their takeaway boxes to not microwave the beef, otherwise it’ll be overcooked and become a waste of good beef.

The menu

Tokidon 14
The current menu selection is lean but sufficient, with essentials like the decadent Truffle Wagyu Don ($23.90) and wallet-friendly Gyu Don ($11.90) available. Keep a lookout for more dishes to come in the following weeks though – Tokidon will be introducing salmon dons for non-beef eaters, and a change of base to either salad or cha soba for the health-conscious peeps!
Plus, all bowls come served with sous-vide egg and tangy Japanese pickles, which helps to refresh the taste buds when things start getting a little too meaty.

Truffle Wagyu Don ($23.90)

Tokidon 2
Truffle and Wagyu are always popular with the crowd, and Tokidon’s version of the Truffle Wagyu Don uses thick slices of striploin and a generous dose of their house-blend truffle soy sauce.
Tokidon 17
Topped with cured kelp and an onsen egg, make sure to break the yolk and mix it all up to enjoy a creamy mouthful of savoury Japanese rice, tender Wagyu, and crispy garlic chips!

Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($17.90)

Tokidon 7
For those who enjoy the combination of sweet and salty, dig into the Wagyu Sukiyaki Don, which comes with thinly-sliced Wagyu beef that’s mildly sweet to taste.
Tokidon 15
A large heap of sauteed onions and shimeji mushroom provides the savoury dimension to this dish, and because the sukiyaki is so thin, there’s no need to worry about the meat being overly-chewy!

Truffle Tenderloin Don ($15.90)

Tokidon 8We added on a foie gras too – no regrets.

If you want to enjoy the nutty flavour and fragrance of truffle at a price that’s gentler on the wallet, opt for the Truffle Tenderloin Don, which uses a leaner and more affordable cut of beef.
Naturally, there’s none of that fatty richness that the Wagyu offers, but it’s still deliciously tender and well-seasoned. Alternatively, add on a foie gras ($11.90) to the rice bowl – it’s a strategic way to get both truffle and a palm-sized foie gras under $30.

Gyu Don ($11.90)

Tokidon 16
For a budget-friendly yet quality beef rice bowl, order the Gyu Don – at just slightly below $12, you’ll get striploin slices that are about a finger’s width thick, complete with garlic soy sauce, fluffy, sticky rice that’s seasoned with vinegar and furikake, and of course, a runny onsen egg.

Salmon Don and Cha Soba

Tokidon 3
Set to release sometime next week, non-beef eaters can still head down to Tokidon for their Salmon Don and Salmon Cha Soba, which has pan-seared sashimi-grade salmon that’s covered with a teriyaki glaze.
Just like their beef, the salmon is cooked just enough so that the meat still has a tinge of pink, which makes it crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.
Tokidon 19
It’s also worth noting that Tokidon is one of the few eateries that serves cha soba warm and without a dipping sauce, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Plenty of garlic oil is drizzled over the noodles so that it doesn’t get dry, and the onsen egg provides added moisture when broken as well.


Tokidon 18
Sides to go with your rice bowl are also available, with options like a Spicy Corn Cup ($3.90) that acts as a refreshing palate cleanser, Wagyu Suji Miso Soup ($3.90) that’s made with Wagyu stock and has plenty of ingredients in it like radish, beef strips, and kelp, and as mentioned earlier, Foie Gras ($11.90), which was soft and without a metallic aftertaste.

Tokidon 6Ebi Fried Skewer ($1.90) and Tori Karaage Skewer ($1.90) are also available!

Beverages served are also all imported from Japan, with a unique selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!
Tokidon 13
Make sure to give the Peach Jelly Sparkling ($5.90) a try – the can is filled to the brim with a giant chunk of peach jelly, and you’ll have to literally crush the can to get it all out.

Tokidon 20Take note that there’s 5% alcohol in the drink!

Gourmet food served quickly

Tokidon 4
Great for when you’re craving for something more gourmet than your usual hawker fare, Tokidon brings to us all quality rice bowls and premium cut beef at a fraction of the price in a restaurant, and without the long waiting time – a feature that many working in the CBD will be thankful for!
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Address: #B1-33, Hong Leong Building, 16 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048581
Opening Hours: 11AM – 9PM Daily
Telephone: 9151 9572

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