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10 Air Purifiers in Singapore to Invest in For Cleaner Air

Ever since COVID-19 hit our shores, demand for air cleaning machines such as air purifiers have soared. These machines generate healthier and cleaner air by trapping contaminants such as odours, toxins, and chemicals; however, experts are skeptical on whether an air purifier can really protect us from the coronavirus. Regardless, if you’re looking to invest in one, here are some to consider. 

1. Xiaomi Gen 2 Air Purifier

Source: Xiaomi

Get clean and fresh air in just 12 minutes with the Xiaomi Gen 2 Air Purifier ($145). The highly accurate Particulate Matter (PM) sensor detects particles as small as 0.3um, has a 3-layer filtration for maximum protection and can effectively clean air in a space of up to 37 square metres. It’s energy saving as well — in normal mode, the purifier only consumes about 4.8W of power, which is less than a fluorescent light bulb. You also have the added convenience of controlling it with your smartphone or voice assistance. 

2. Dyson Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan

Source: Dyson

Need both a fan and a purifier? The Dyson Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan ($599) is your answer. Not only does this sleek product act as an air purifier, it also doubles up as a fan. It comes with Air Multiplier technology, which means it circulates purified air around the room for optimum results. Light sleepers need not worry with the availability of a quiet sleep mode; and the purifier will automatically monitor air quality and adjust airflow accordingly. 

3. Sharp Air Purifier with in-built Mosquito Catcher

Source: Sharp

This air purifier by Sharp ($368) is one of the first models in the world to come with an in-built mosquito catcher. It comes in a sleek black colour with UV light to attract and capture mosquitoes, and Haze Mode collects particles and dust effectively from around the room. If mosquitoes are a huge problem you deal with on the daily, this might be the right purchase for you. 

4. Sharp Car Air Purifier

Source: Sharp

Protect yourself even on the road with Sharp’s Car Air Purifier ($199). Not only does it remove harmful particles like allergens, dust mites and viruses in your car, it also gets rid of odours such as smokes and even durian smells. It also operates very quietly, so it’s not going to get in the way of that song on the radio you’re jamming out to. 

5. Blueair Sense HEPA Silent Air Purifier

The  Blueair Sense HEPA Silence Air Purifier ($811) is one of the more expensive purifiers around, and that’s because not only is it  environmentally friendly, it also comes with cutting edge HEPASilent technology that allows the purifier to produce more clean air in less time. The 3-speed motion sensor control allows for easy regulation of airspeed with a single swipe, and you can even control the purifier remotely with the BlueAir Friend App. Also, it’s also one of the prettiest air purifiers around with colours such as Ruby Red, Midnight Blue and Warm Grey! 

6. Novita PuriClean NAP101i Air Purifier

Source: Novita

Few air purifiers come with ionizers, a property that removes contaminants, allergens and bad odours at the same time. The washable pre-filter targets large particles, while the HEPA type filter works to capture airborne particles. Unpleasant odors are then absorbed by the granular activated carbon filter. If you want something that’s value for money, consider the Novita PuriClean NAP101i Air Purifier ($208). 

7. Klug Mini Air Purifier

Source: Lazada

If for some reason you need a portable air purifier, get this one from Korean brand Klug ($95). Whether you need to use it in the car or co-working space, simply plug it into any device with a USB cable connection. This nifty product comes with a 3-layer level H13 filter that contains 99.9% antibacterial power, has a DC Fan and Intensity Level Control feature for Fast Purification and more. 

8. Wearable Air Purifier

Source: Lazada

We’ve seen tons of OLs rock this wearable air purifier ($17.90) in their lunchtime outfit, and you probably can too. This necklace-style product comes with a built-in anion generator which gets rid of harmful particles from secondhand smoke, fumes and more. It can hold up to 20 hours of use and works extremely quietly as well. To top it off, get to choose from several cute designs too! 

9. Airtory Portable Air Purifier

Source: Airtory

Another portable air purifier brand to consider is Airtory ($88). This convenient product can be hooked almost anywhere, including car seats and strollers. It comes with an Advanced 3-Stage Filtration System which captures allergens, pet hair, smoke and large dust particles in addition to removing airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. It also comes with a built-in fan that does not collect dust. 

10. Phillips Air Purifier Series 800

Source: Phillips

The Phillips Air Purifier Series 800 ($259) comes with AeraSense Technology, benchmarked for being able to identify particles as smaller than PM2.5. It claims to filter out 99.9% of the H1N1 virus, cleans a room in less than 16 minutes and even comes with a real-time air quality indication feature. 

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