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7 Fun Items from Decathlon to Stay Occupied at Home

‘Tis the season to stay home, but there’s only so many Netflix movies we can binge watch on. Before you drive yourself insane and spiral into an unhealthy rut, here are some items for some good fun and bonding at home. For those who frequently patronise pubs, you might find that some of these products are what you need to take a fond walk down memory lane, and all that’s missing is just a cup of beer. 

1. Soft Archery Target Board

Source: Decathlon

Show off your archery skills with this soft archery board from Decathlon ($35). It’s made entirely of plastic, so the little ones can join in as well. If you’re looking for a pro upgrade, there’s a version with bows available too.

2. Trampoline

Source: Decathlon

Burn off those calories with this indoor trampoline ($45). It’s equipped with 36 springs to ensure great bounce, and the secure grip ensures you can jump with safety and for hours. It’s also compact, which means you can fold and unfold it anytime. 

3. Electronic dartboard

Source: Decathlon

You’ll need this electronic dartboard ($30) to practice your skills for when the KTVs open again. It also keeps track of and counts your scores to ensure no cheating is allowed! It’s battery operated, so no wires are required. A velcro version ($7) is also available for those on a budget. 

4. Speedball

Most people play speedball outside, but you can easily play this game in your living hall as long as you get rid of all breakable items. Instead of buying the entire stand, get creative and find ways to create one, such as sticking a bamboo pole into a box with a hole of the same circumference. With that, you just need to spend $5 to get this speedball which comes ready with strings and a hook! 

5. Indoor table tennis table

Source: @jules_slangen | Instagram

Once the ping pong table comes out, you know it’s time for a party (at home). This collapsible table tennis set up ($90) is quick to set up and can be stored anywhere, even under your bed. You’ll need some bats ($3), table tennis balls ($2) and a net ($6.90). 

6. Basketball backboard

Source: Decathlon

Basketball’s a great way to kill boredom and build stamina. Depending on the size of your crib, you might want to get a mini wall mounted one ($10) or one with a proper stand that goes up to 1.2m ($50). Either way, it’s time to throw some hoops. 

7. Weight training compact home gym

Got some cash to spare? Invest in this multi-functional home gym ($400). It’s a cable fly, leg extension, chest press and lat pulldown machine all in one. It doesn’t take up much space either, so you can easily fit it into a corner of your room. Watch the video above to check out the number of exercises you can do with this machine! If you need more home gym ideas, click here

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