10 Best Zoom Background For Work Calls Or Online Social Gatherings

The only way for us to socialise now is via Zoom video calls and today we present 10 most interesting zoom backgrounds to make you virtual gatherings extra entertaining!

1.Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s speech podium

image9 2

Yep… Another day, another speech…

2.Hai Di Lao

image10 2

There’s truly no place I’d rather be… than being at HDL, watching the noodle dance…



For all the those who miss going to Punggol to prawn, we got you!

4.Shelf of toilet rolls

image1 2

Well… no harm over-preparing, am I right?

5.Distracted Boyfriend meme

image8 2

All eyes on me when I walk down the streets.


6.Orchard Road


Anyone miss going shopping at Somerset 313?

7.The Daryl Aiden


Insert self here!

8.James Corden Carpool Karaoke

image5 2

Crashing an episode of carpool karaoke seems like a dream…


9.McDonald’s Dessert Kiosk @ Orchard Road

image7 2

The two things that we miss the most… McDonald’s and Orchard Road!


10.Head massage


The number 1 thing that we all need right now… is a massage good o’ massage!


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