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10 Boba-Flavoured Snacks That Are Available In Singapore!

Calling all bubble tea lovers! Take your love for bubble tea to the next level with our 10 bubble tea flavoured snacks!

1. Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Ice Cream

This brown sugar bubble tea ice cream has been the hot favourite when it was released in Taiwan, and now it is available in Singapore! We had a chance to try this ice cream and it tastes just like real brown sugar milk tea and even has bits of chewy pearls within! 


Images courtesy of GreatDeals.SG

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2. Tong Garden Bubble Tea Popcorn

Imagine this: munching on crunchy popcorn that has the taste of bubble tea? That is exactly what Tong Garden has come up with! It seems like a great snack for us to munch on while binging on Netflix series!


Images courtesy of Tong Garden

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3. Bubble Milk Tea Mochi

This snack combines the chewy texture of mochi and the sweetness of bubble milk tea into one! Each mochi also contains a real tapioca pearl, and reviews have stated that its taste comes very close to an actual cup of bubble milk tea!😯

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    Images courtesy of Shopee

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4. Tom’s Farm Black Sugar Milk Tea Almonds

A popular brand from Korea, Tom’s Farm is known for their honey butter-flavoured almonds. They recently released the new black sugar bubble tea flavour that packs the sweetness and fragrance of bubble tea into small crunchy almonds! We’ve tried this product and it is surprising how good it tastes!


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5. Taiwan’s Bubble Tea Pineapple Cake

Taiwan is known for their pineapple cake and bubble teas, so why not combine both of these favourites into one? This bubble tea pineapple cake contains traditional pineapple jam and tapioca pearl bits, all packed into its tart-like skin that crumbles in your mouth!


Images courtesy of Shopee.

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6. Bubble Milk Tea Nougat Cookies

Another Taiwanese snack that many people love is nougat cookies! Now, we love it even more because they have introduced a Bubble Milk Tea variation. Soft bubble tea-flavoured nougat sandwiched between crunchy cookies, seems like the best of both worlds!


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7. Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Ball

This product was released recently and it received a lot of fanfare. Chewy brown sugar pearl gummies are wrapped in soft milk tea flavoured candy, replicating a nice cup of brown sugar pearl milk tea! Is this really worth the hype? Let us know!


Image courtesy of @mykmtd on Instagram

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8. Tao Kae Noi Bubble Milk Tea Seaweed

Tao Kae Noi is known for coming up with eccentric seaweed flavours. But this bubble milk tea flavour seaweed is definitely a game changer. Crunchy pieces of seaweed are covered with a generous amount of milk tea powder, combining the original taste of seaweed, as well as the sweetness of milk tea.


Image courtesy of Business Insider

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9. Earl Bubble Milk Tea Cake

This Taiwanese brand has decided to combine our love for bubble tea into their latest Earl Bubble Milk Tea Cake. It also features the distinct flavour of earl grey tea! Some reviewers were surprised to taste small tapioca bits that were hidden in this tiny pastry!


Image courtesy of 8 Days

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10. Kaiser’s Boba Chocolate

This Boba Chocolate is a bubble tea-flavoured chocolate that might excite both chocolate and bubble tea fans. Based on reviews that we’ve read, it tastes quite similar to real milk tea and even has pearl gummy hidden in the center! A few reviews also mentioned that this snack tastes best chilled!


Images Courtesy of Sheila Shoppe

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