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10-Min Yummy Gummy Popsicles Recipe

Beat the summer heat with this delicious and IG-worthy gummy bear popsicle! It is easy to make, and only requires 4 simple ingredients!


Image courtesy of FeedYourGirlfriend.


– Gummy Bears
– 8g Gelatin
– 225ml Water/Soda
– 25ml Syrup of your choice


Image courtesy of CelebrarShopping


1. Mix water, syrup and gelatin together and heat it until gelatin dissolves
2. Arrange gummy bears in popsicle moulds.


Image courtesy of One Little Project

  1. Pour in the gelatin mixture and place in freezer
  2. Transfer the popsicles to the chiller for at least 2 days to soften the gummy bears
  3. Enjoy!

You can get cute popsicle molds here.

Recipe and images courtesy of FeedYourGirlfriend.

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