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10 Products to Keep You Focused While Working From Home

Working from home can be distracting, especially if you have your bed round the corner and that pesky family member as your new ‘colleague’. If you’re struggling to keep focus in these social distancing times, try changing up your environment by using products that might help with productivity, such as a standing work desk or timer. 

Not sure where to start? We round up the best items that we think will help in keeping focus while working from home. 

1. Lap desk

Source: @10am_online | Instagram

One of the perks of working from home is to be able to complete your tasks on your couch. But don’t do it in discomfort once the heat from your laptop starts to burn — get a lap desk ($15). While a cushion may also work the same, a lap desk is a lot sturdier and can be used for reading and eating as well. 

2. Bluetooth speakerphone

Source: Anker

In the middle of an important conference call, but need to go to the toilet really badly? You don’t want to be like this lady who landed herself in the ultimate work from home video conference fail. Get this Anker Bluetooth Speakerphone ($249) which comes with a wider voice pick up range so you’re not restricted to sitting at one place while you talk. Other features include a voice optimisation function also which enhances voices on the other hand, six microphones, charging ports and more! 

3. Charging station

Source: Anthropologie

A messy desk is one of the downfalls of work efficiency, and more often than not, tangled wires from several charging points are part of the problem. This charging station from Elago ($40) will eliminate half your issues while keeping your gadgets at bay. Charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all in one place. 

4. Posture corrector

Source: Lazada

Work from home or not, we all need a posture corrector, especially when using a laptop or computer. Prevent rounded shoulders and neck ache with this velco-operated back support strap ($6.90). The lightweight padded neoprene material ensures comfortable wearing and adjustable straps allow for reduced slouching and improved posture. 

5. RescueTime

Source: Lifehack

Are you really doing work, or do you spend more time on social media? Let RescueTime present the hard truth to you. This free productivity app tracks how you spend your time on the Internet by generating weekly reports on the sites you browse, how frequently and for how long. You can also set personal productivity goals and the app will track your progress on a dashboard. So if you’ve always wondered why you can’t meet your deadlines, RescueTime might tell you why. 

6. Standing desk

Source: Lazada

Stay awake from your post-lunch food coma by literally getting on your feet. A standing desk will greatly help in productivity as not only does it help you stay awake, it might also get those brain juices flowing. This one from Lazada ($249) is large enough to fit a dual monitor, keyboard, mouse and other devices. It’s also adjustable and easily flattened, so anytime you wish to sit down, there won’t be too much shifting around. 

7. Treadmill desk

Source: Lazada

Want to burn those calories while working from home? This treadmill desk ($2079) is the perfect product, especially if you’re avoiding the gym during this period. Choose from three different intensities (run, jog, walk), six programs, and varying speeds. There’s also a built-in console which tells you the calories burnt as well as six compression shock absorbers to ease the impact on your knees. 

8. Temperature control smart mug

Source: @leeannleonard07 | Instagram

Between all the conference calls and emails to reply, keeping your cup of coffee or tea hot may well be the last thing on your to-do list but ever so important. Save those trips to the kitchen with a Temperature Control Smart Mug ($202) from American tech brand Ember. This advanced coffee mug, which comes in a built-in battery, keeps your drink warm for hours even in the coldest of temperatures. Its smart features also allow you to choose and control your desired drink temperature via your smartphone, as well as enable the mug to intelligently wake up when hot water is poured in. 

9. Noise cancellation headphones

Source: @gear4music | Instagram

It’s business as usual even when working from home, and that means meetings and conference calls still proceed. Reduce unwanted background noise with these steady Sennheiser noise cancellation headphones ($89). They even come with a one-button smart remote to control music and take calls with ease, excellent sound quality for a unique listening experience and are compact enough to be taken anywhere! 

10. Portable wireless printer

Source: Canon

Don’t let the lack of an office printer get in the way of doing your work. Invest in a home printer, better yet if it’s a portable one that isn’t too difficult to set up. This one by Canon ($395), which weighs a mere 2kg, is compact enough but comes with functions such as Hi-speed USB 2.0, WiFi, Wireless Pictbridge, Mopria, AirPrint, and Access Point Mode. You don’t even need a wall socket for it to run either as it’s battery operated, plus it comes with wireless and cloud printing — plus points for convenience! 

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