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How to Workout and Practice Social Distancing During COVID-19

The current coronavirus situation may have stopped you from going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to stop working out. If pure bodyweight exercises just don’t cut it for you, why not invest in a home gym? And they don’t have to come at exorbitant prices at well, we found some affordable alternatives to invest in. 

1. Power rack combo set

Source: Lazada

If you’re an avid gym goer, a rack is incumbent in performing compound movements like the squat and bench press. While most racks out there are pretty affordable by itself, it’s the purchasing of barbells, plates and a bench that might add to your total cost. But we found a store on Lazada that sells a gym combo set consisting of a rack, multi-function workout bench, plates and barbell from $263. You can choose weights that go up to 100kg as well and that would still set you back less than $400. Consider your shopping done. 

Source: Lazada

2. Dumbbell to barbell connector

Source: Lazada

If you’re just looking for some weights due to space constraint, dumbbells would do the trick. Not only does this dumbbell set have weights that go up to 40kg, it also comes with a barbell connector to instantly transform your dumbbell into a barbell. This would save you the trouble of purchasing both dumbbells and barbells separately, and would come in handy when progressive overloading. 

Source: Lazada

3. 4-in-1 fitness tower station

Source: Lazada

Not interested in lifting weights? You can also get strong by pushing yourself through calisthenics. This 4-in-1 home fitness station ($197) is great for a complete upper body workout. Challenge yourself on push ups, chin ups, pull ups and dips. In fact, you can do more than just that, such as leg raises. 

Source: Lazada

4. Lat pulley system

Source: Lazada

Get your own cable fly machine at home without actually installing that bulky piece of equipment. This lat pulley system ($29.90) can be fixed at any corner of your room. With it, you can perform virtually almost any exercise, including tricep extensions, lat pullovers and even squats. The equipment can also handle a load of up to 300kg, so go crazy on those sets. 

5. TRX Ropes

Source: World’s Best Coaching Tools

You might have seen one of those black and yellow suspender-looking ropes attached to the walls at gyms — they’re known as TRX Suspension Trainers. TRX Training, also known as Suspension Training, is known as one of the best types of workouts that utilise bodyweight power to develop overall strength, balance and flexibility. Instead of working only one muscle at a time with weight training, TRX allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and highly activates your core. Get your own suspension trainers installed at home ($43) and use it to hammer hundreds of exercises using just your body weight like single leg squats, inverted rows and sit ups. 

Source: Breaking Muscle

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