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100% Halal & Affordable Supermarkets with Islandwide Delivery in Singapore!

1. Suzy Ameer

Founded in December of 2011, Suzy Ameer Frozen is a Muslim owned supermarket with a mission to ensure that the future generations and busy adults are able to prepare meals in short time despite their busy schedule. Offering a diverse selection of 100% halal certified produce at affordable prices, Suzy Ameer is located within the residential areas of Tampines Street 21.

Available for islandwide delivery, Suzy Ameer offers a variety of frozen foods, bbq supplies, snacks, dried foods, breakfast items, desserts, cooking ingredients, dairy items, beverages, household amenities including dishwashing soap, toothpaste, and detergent, amongst other hair and beauty products such as shower gels, shampoo, hand soap and more.

 Complete with a $7-$10 delivery fee, Suzy Ameer provides returning customers with loyalty points, which enable them to redeem exclusive discounts on each order.


Suzy Ameer

Address: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1161, Singapore 524201

Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri): 8am-10:30pm, (Sat-Sun): 7:30am-10:30pm

Delivery Fee: $10 for orders under $75, $7 for orders $75 to $150, free for orders >$150

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2. 7Mall

Established in 2017 with a goal to provide islandwide doorstep delivery services of goods from Pasar Geylang. Promising a wide array of 100% halal products, from lamb, to mutton, and chicken, 7Mall presents a variety of offerings at affordable prices in the form of fresh, chilled and frozen foods, breakfast items, household amenities, kitchenware, electronics, feminine care, baby care, oral care, and toiletries, snacks, and more!

Significantly cheaper than most other popular supermarkets, customers can for example purchase 500g of San Remo linguine for a mere $1.95 – which is 45 cents cheaper than the $2.40 packet of similar quantity at NTUC FairPrice.


7Mall @ Woodlands Horizon

Address: 31 Woodlands Close #07-22, Singapore 737855

Operating Hours: 8am-6pm, daily

Delivery Fee: $7, free for orders >$70

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3. The Meatery

Founded by a Singaporean husband and wife team who spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry, The Meatery prides itself in practicing business like a ‘consumer’ as well. Aiming to provide the best quality halal meats in a variety of ways, The Meatery offers portioning, marination, and sous-vide services, alongside ready-made BBQ packages, grill master rentals, and beef appreciation workshops. Additionally, the brand promises to serve only ethically-raised meat with no GMO, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

Their selection of fresh meat include premium imported Australia Wagyu, Australian Grass-fed, Argentinian, New Zealand Grass-fed, and US Black Angus, made available in frozen, dry aged vintage, yakiniku, shabu shabu, and ready-to-eat styles. Complete with gift cards and cash value loyalty programs, The Meatery provides islandwide delivery for a flat fee of 10, or free delivery for orders above $120, and 10% off your first order with the code ‘GIMMEMYMEAT’.


The Meatery

Address: 41 Sunset Way, #01-08, Singapore 597071

Operating Hours: (Tues-Fri): 9:30am-6pm, (Sat): 9:30am-6pm, (Sun): 9:30am-4pm

Delivery Fee: $10, free for orders >$120


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4. Hao Halal Hub

HAO mart is a network of grocery stores located in the heartlands of Singapore, offering greater ease and convenience to shop for fresh produce, household items, and daily groceries. The brand’s HAO Halal Hub is a network of Halal specialty stores across Singapore catering to the needs of the Muslim community, with 100% Halal-certified products available in-store and online.

Showcasing a diverse range of fresh meats, seafood, cooking ingredients, snacks, drinks, desserts, and more from various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea, Hao Halal Hub promises customers greater savings on groceries and household essentials, alongside a variety of discounts and cashback options.


Hao Halal Hub by Hao Mart

Address 1: #01-39 Blk, 291B Bukit Batok Street 24, 683484

Address 2: #01-24 Blk, 895B Woodlands Drive 50, 731895

Address 3: 239 Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore 760239

Address 4: #01-531 Blk, 467B Fernvale Link, 792467

Address 5: #01-170 Blk, 220 Pasir Ris Street 21, 510220

Address 6: #01-318 Blk, 343 Tampines Street 33, 520343

Operating Hours: 7am-11pm, daily

Delivery Fee: $10, free for orders >$300

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5. My NikMart

Armed with a mission to be Singapore’s leading halal e-mart platform where both business owners and direct consumers can buy various halal frozen food related products and daily grocery items with just a single click, Nikmart Halal Frozen, also known as, prides itself in providing quality products at affordable rates.

Delivering a variety of 100% halal frozen, canned, and dried foods, alongside toiletries, household amenities, snacks, and dessert items directly to your doorstep, My NikMart aims to provide optimal convenience for shoppers islandwide with a minimum order of $49.90.

Shoppers should note that this store is not the cheapest alternative available, as My NikMart’s prices fluctuate in affordability. For example, a 720ml bottle of Head & Shoulders Shampoo will cost $9.90 on My Nik Mart, which is $3.05 cheaper than the exact same offering at NTUC FairPrice. However, a bag of 25 sticks of Super instant milk tea will cost 55 cents more at My NikMart than at NTUC.


My NikMart

Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Road 2 , Ruby Warehouse Complex, 417841

Delivery Fee: $10, free for orders >$49.90

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6. Toko Warisan

Gradualy expanding its premises beyond  Joo Chiat, Toko Warisan is the go-to destination for all things islam-related. Offering Islamic books, Hari Raya greeting cards, accessories, and a diverse range of halal-certified frozen foods from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey, Toko Warisan aims to provide wallet-friendly halal items to the masses.

Showcasing unique brands often not found in mainstream supermarkets, Toko Warisan’s prices range anywhere from $1.35 for a packet of Kway Teow noodles, to $13 for 1kg of Dodo Cuttlefish Fritters, and even less for portions of fresh meat.


Toko Warisan

Address: 201D Tampines Street 21, Singapore 524201

Operating Hours: 8:15am-10pm, daily

Delivery Fee: $10, free for orders >$80

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7. SBY Frozen Food Supply

Established in 1947, SBY Frozen Food Supply Pte Ltd, has been supplying meat products to various food establishments, hotels, caterers, and individuals in Singapore for decades. With full factory Halal Certification from MUIS and state of the art cutting facilities, SBY Frozen Foods specialises in providing the Singapore community with fresh halal meat in the form of sliced, cubed, or minced chicken, beef, lamb or mutton.

Other offerings include a wide range of frozen products such as Satay sticks, Satay Goreng (Pan Fry Satay), Paru Rebus (Boiled Beef Lung), Frozen Black Tiger Prawns, and more. Priced anywhere between $7 for 1kg of Beef Tripe, to $19.50 for 1kg of Uncut Beef Striploin, SBY Frozen Food’s rates easily beat the $12.55-$21.10 Frozen Beef Striploins available at NTUC FairPrice.


SBY Frozen Food Supply

Address: 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #03-16 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm, daily

Delivery Fee: $20, free for orders >$80

WhatsApp Order Hotline: +65 98335265

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