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$2.80 Fresh Milk Tea & Homemade Sandwiches @ Hougang Central!

No we aren’t spelling it wrong, Samwitch is Singapore’s latest breakfast kiosk which serves hearty sandwiches with fresh milk tea. Inconspicuously nestled amidst a slew of Hougang Central shophouses, the café prides itself in ‘only serving what (they) would eat’.

Armed with a meticulously curated, health-conscious menu, Samwitch utilizes natural ingredients, and eliminates the use of artificial flavouring, preservatives, and excessive oil, in all of their offerings. Showcasing an exceptionally small menu, the café is unsurprisingly best known for their $8.90 beef sandwich and $7.60 chicken alternative.

Despite a rather limited selection, Samwitch serves an abundantly generous portion of tender cured meat. The café’s chicken sandwich incorporates slow-cooked chicken breast, beautifully stripped and joined together in a bed of fresh carrots and spinach, whilst the beef alternative showcases succulent flavours and is topped by a thick layer of gooey cheese.

Pairing perfectly with Samwitch’s highly affordable selection of $2.80 milk tea, which is made from freshly brewed black tea, fresh milk, and raw sugar, these sandwiches embody the qualities of an ideal breakfast and mid-day snack, whilst providing premium honest-to-goodness ingredients for the everyday health-conscious consumer.



Address: 806 Hougang Central, #01-152, Singapore 530806

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sun): 9am – 7:30pm

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