Pet-Friendly, Open-Concept Apartment

Guided by the strong belief that all good design stems from a solid plan, a passion for crafts and an interest in unique experiences, award-winning design practice ASOLIDPLAN is renowned for crafting design that provokes, questions, and pushes society’s predetermined limitations. Easily distinguished by an evocative nature, that connects with the environment and beyond, ASOLIDPLAN’s latest project lies within this light-washed and wall-less apartment.

Through utilizing contours in a terraneous landscape to sculpt and define spaces, ASOLIDPLAN has created an open-concept residential space with a raised lounge, a sunken bedroom, and an elevated study, in order to facilitate free-flowing, fun, and feline-friendly movement.

Broadening the space with clean lines and smooth textures, this home showcases an abundance of wooden elements which divide, border, and enhance aesthetic. Complete with plush furnishing, and the incorporation of a darker, contrasting colour scheme, ASOLIDPLAN brings contemporary Avant Garde design to a new level through innovative space management techniques.

Filled with an abundance of natural light, this apartment accommodates productivity-friendly spaces throughout, with the inclusion of coffee tables, elevated steps, and innumerable cushioned lounge chairs. Further accentuated by an array of lush flora and fauna, ASOLIDPLAN has successfully created an all-in-one space for effortless mobility, work, relaxation and play.

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