5.5M Tall, Curved HDB Home Library!

Inspired by industrial-style cafés, alongside the fantastical scenes of the Harry Potter series – this newly-renovated executive mansionette along Lorong Ah Soo showcases innovative design in the form of a unique curved-nook-turned-home-library.

Complete with a custom 5.5m tall bookcase, constructed by The Local INN.terior, the once-empty curved space now facilitates room for quiet reflection, reading, and relaxation – which further satisfies the owner’s desire for a “family-centric home that accommodates everyone”.

While not the family’s first-choice of residence, the renovation efforts of The Local INN.terior, have successfully transformed the once ‘over-renovated’, closed-off, and congested space into an open-concept dwelling, perfect for a larger family that hosts guests often.

Highly communal, yet separated, this house facilitates clear boundaries between private and collective areas, whilst maintaining minimal furniture, shelves, and other overhead fixtures. The home utilizes half-height partitions, and black-framed windows to conceal less aesthetic yet essential home equipment, such as washing machines, from the outside world, whilst facilitating enhanced natural lighting.

Through incorporating a mix of darker and lighter wood elements, further accentuated by black handles, frames, and railings, The Local INN.terior was able to create an air of sophistication, and minimalism, with subtle hints of contemporary avant garde design in the master bedroom and bathroom.

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