5 Creative Instagram Accounts You Should Follow: Local Edition

Gone are the days where Instagram was solely a platform to share personal photos slapped on with a Valencia filter – it is more about the #aesthetic now.
If you must mindlessly scroll through your repetitive feed while on your daily commute, you might as well make the most out of it. We have cut through the digital clutter and rounded up five local creatives with enviable, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds oozing with individuality. No selfies or OOTDs involved, we promise.
1. Eugene Tham (@eugenetham)

It’s like this whole other level of foodception. Eugene’s interesting take on food photography makes his photos stand out from the all the usual #foodporn we are bombarded with on Instagram. He challenges the perception of what’s real and what’s not, and gives his surreal photos an added dimension.
2. Cëe (@ardaisy_)

This carefully curated portfolio is for all you flat lay enthusiasts out there. If you happen to be stuck in a creative rut with your flat lays recently, here’s your inspiration go-to. Her artful placement of pretty things a faux-chaotic manner equates to a beautiful, visually appealing mess in its entirety. No two flat lays are the same – each boasts its own unique style. Backed with impeccable lighting and a clean editing style, these photos look straight out of a magazine.
3. Teresa Lim (@teeteeheehee)

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A strange phenomenon happened to me today whilst stitching this under the sun and also shivering because of the wind. I started out with the middle box and then the one on the right. It was really bright and I suddenly noticed that I wasn't able to identify the Colors in my sewing kit. So I went to the toilet and saw a green door with pink dots and thought to myself "what a cool door" but after leaving the toilet, I noticed the door is actually light blue! 😱 went back to my embroidery spot and realised that I've been using the complete wrong colours for the hut. As you can see from the final embroidered piece, that was how I saw it under the glare of the sun. 😂😂 #sewwanderlust

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Local designer/illustrator Teresa Lim will wow you with her whimsical and intricate embroidery art. This girl’s got some mad talent. She documents her travels in her ‘Sew Wanderlust’ series, where she embroiders foreign landscapes on-site – like dreamy little postcards, but cross-stitched. We love that her photos have very soft, pastel hues as well. It’s like a happy little corner on the Internet.
4. Isaac Lim (@isaaclim)

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Sunday be like, churros please 😁

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Isaac proves that you don’t have to give up colour to be minimalistic – white backgrounds are so yesteryear. His photos are kept simple; the lone subject in his shots do not take up majority of the frame, but he makes up for this in colour and in his case, the brighter the better. The contrasting, vibrant colours of the background and subject accentuate the prominence of the latter and give his photos character.
5. Leonard (@leotomatic)

We don’t know how he does it, but Leonard’s Instagram feed is a seamless scroll of blue, and even more blue. And you thought picking the right VSCO filter for your brunch photo was hard. His editing style gives everyday objects and familiar Singapore landmarks a completely different vibe. Leonard’s balanced mix of aqua blues and whites is a refreshing deviation from clean and desaturated edits or the moody, possibly HB2-filtered images we are more than used to scrolling past.

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