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58 Hipster Ice Lollies Flavours, Including Magnum And McFlurry-Inspired Ice Lollies?!

Are you looking for good o’ ice cream to survive the hot and humid weather in Singapore?

Home-based ice lollies business, Ice Cream Hipster, has incorporated a series of fancy twists to their ice cream by putting it into ice lolly packages. With 58 delicious and unique flavours, you may rest assured that there will be a flavour that you love!

Their diverse range of flavours are classified into 5 main categories:

1) Milk series (S$2 each)

2) Manum-inspired series (S$2.50 each)

3) McFlurry-inspired series (S$3 each)

4) Red velvet series (S$2.50 each)

5) Cheese series (S$2.50 each)

Their milk series is made from a few different milk, and includes flavours such as Solero(the lime and vanilla flavoured popsicle that many of us should be familiar with), durian, peanut butter chocolate and many more! The Magnum-inspired series features a layer of chilled chocolate coating, which is very similar to magnum’s signature ice cream! However, their cheese series is one of the most unique ice lollies that we’ve personally seen. This series combines fruity flavours such as strawberry, blueberry and mango, with a load of cream cheese that will surely make cheese lovers(like myself) begging for more!

You can order via WhatsApp to 8742 6537(Fazrina). Do note that a minimum of 10 ice lollies is required and orders have to be made at least 3-5 days in advance due to overwhelming response!

View more of their delicious ice lollies here.

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