6 Reputable Nail Technicians Found on Instagram!

A great manicure has never been more important in today’s culture. As the times and trends have evolved, so have our generation’s fantastical nail art. While some girls simply fawn over the exquisite nails of Cardi B or Kylie Jenner, others seek to create a set which not only best represents them but suits their needs. Luckily for us, Singapore is in no shortage of reputable nail technicians, many of which you can browse on Instagram!


Offering a variety of manicure options and acrylic nails for an estimated $125-$300, glamourclawz is revered for her ability to transform the barest of hands into functional works of art. Complete with free acrylic removal and renewal services, glamourclawz remains extremely transparent in sharing her process with potential clients and all users interested in the subject.

Her work, which is available in a multitude of lengths, include elements such as Russian almonds, crystals, and other 3D designs. Beyond selling her services, glamourclawz provides her followers with insightful information on the industry and the professionalism one should expect from any nail technician.

Address: 44 Kallang Place, #306 Four Star Building, Singapore 339172

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Specialising in acrylic nails and express manicures only, nailbabes is an appointment based nail technician located along Ubi Ave 1. With prices ranging from an estimated $17 for an express manicure with two gel colours, or a gel soak off, to $60 for a full set of acrylic extensions with two gel colours of your choosing, nailbabes also provides $40 overlays, and add-ons in the form of $2.50 nail art per finger, $0.50-$3 diamond elements, and $3-$4 charms! Interested customers should note that prices may vary in accordance to the intricacy of each design, and that nailbabes require a $20 deposit before the date of appointment.

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Situated within the West, at Haw Par Villa, bakednails is yet another home based nail tech business which provides a variety of kawaii-esque gel manicures, designs, and extensions. Complete with a diverse range of press-on nails and removal services, a set of bakednails can cost you anywhere between $45-$108 per session, and an additional $8-$18 to be removed.

This technician will also require a mandatory and non-refundable $20 deposit to secure your preferred date of appointment, with room for rescheduling up to three days before the set date.

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4. @nailsxbyj

Situated in Woodlands, nailsxbyj is the sibling brand of glamxwithj, a reputable Instagram-based shop for clip-in hair extensions. Run by Jacinthe How, this shop presents an array of elegant yet intricate nail designs. Available in the form of extensions, press-ons, and regular manicures, Jacinthe How charges an average of $60 or less for all of her services. Complete with her own in-house professional nail studio, nailsxbyj not only provides excellent service but shares knowledge with other aspiring technicians through both her Instagram platform and through in-person courses which she runs. To book an appointment with nailsxbyj, all interested customers are required to submit a $20 deposit to secure their slot. 

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5. @nailsbyfels

Armed with a dedicated site for selling press-on nails at affordable prices, nailsbyfels provides a variety of gel extensions in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. Complete with $30 classic manicure services as well, nailsbyfels’ gel extensions can range from an estimated $55-$85 per set. These services include basic treatments such as cuticle care, shaping, and trimming, alongside choice of gel colour, and other design elements such as intricate diamond arrangements, and nail art depending on the price of your package.

Add-ons include $20 acrylic or hard gel overlays, and $5-$15 nail removal services. Like the majority of the manicure businesses on this list, nailsbyfels will require interested customers to provide a deposit upon booking, and will allow for rescheduling up to 40 hours before the agreed session. 

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6. @onelovenailssg

While all the businesses listed are run by sole individuals with expertise in home studios, onelovenailssg is a physical nail salon with its own team of professional technicians. Capable of providing customers with anything and everything their heart desires in terms of design, a set of nails by onelovenailssg will cost you an estimated $25 for normal hand painted designs, and range up to $60 for acrylic nail extensions. Their services also include $18 express gelish manicures, $30 express gelish pedicures, $5-$10 gelish soak offs, and $20-$30 acrylic or hard gel removal.


Address: 21 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249720

Operating Hours: (Mon-Sat): 11am-9pm

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