7 Places For Spiked Milkshakes in Singapore

We’ve had the lowdown on Over-The-Top Milkshakes in Singapore, but the versatility of our favourite dessert-cum-drink doesn’t stop there. As monster shakes are mostly geared towards being visually appealing, the taste of the shake itself tends to become an afterthought. But if you’re the kind of person who thinks that it’s what on the inside that counts — and also the kind who likes a bit of booze — you’d probably love yourself an alcoholic milkshake.
If you’re new to the idea of a kiddish drink evolving with a splash of alcohol, here’s your chance to experience the clashing iciness and warmth of blended ice-cream and booze at these 7 places.
Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s


Tucked away in The Club, a luxury boutique hotel along Ann Siang, Mr and Mrs Maxwell’s embellishes their all-day breakfast menu with a curious choice of beverage — Adult Shakes.

Inspired by the fascinating dichotomy between a milkshake meant for kids and alcohol meant for grown-ups, Mr and Mrs Maxwell’s Adult Shakes comprises of their ever-popular Vodka Peanut Butter and Chocolate Baileys, topped with a skewer of banana slices and a single Kinder Bueno respectively.

Other shakes on the menu include the Kahlua Cookies and Cream and the Pina Colada Breakfast Shake. The barely-there warmth from the alcohol will make it far too easy to slurp on these decadent treats, quickly making them addictive beverages.

The Club
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708
Opening Hours:
Mon–Sun: 0700–2300 
Contact: +65 6808 2181

Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant


Clinton Street Baking Company offers six milkshakes on their drinks menu, but only one matters in this article — the Boozy Salted Caramel ($15). Though originally served as a pure salted caramel shake, why settle for something so plain, when you can have it with a shot of bourbon?

Just like that, the familiar sweet-salty dessert transforms into an even tastier version of itself — just that this time, it’s a bit more exclusive.

31 Purvis Street
Singapore 188608
Opening Hours:
Mon–Thurs: 0900–1800
Fri–Sat: 0900–2200
Sun: 0800–2000 
Contact: +65 6684 4845


OverEasy takes credit for the term “Spiked Milkshakes” in describing their alcoholic shakes. True to its name, the milkshakes here are originally served unadulterated, and can be spiked with alcohol at an additional $5.

Highly raved about would be their Smokey the Bear ($13) milkshake — a blend of bananas and house-smoked maple syrup, garnished with piece of candied bacon. At $19, enjoy this breakfast-in-a-glass with a healthy dose of bourbon.
1 Fullerton Road
#01-06 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
541 Orchard Road
#01-01 Liat Towers,
Singapore 238881
Opening Hours: Check here
Contact: +65 6684 1453
Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar


Being both a cafe and a bar, it comes as no surprise that Jimmy Monkey has one of the more extensive drinks menu in the list, serving everything from coffee to booze. In between the two would be their variety of alcoholic shakes, inclusive of the Dom Pedro, Toblerone, and Berry Good, each going at $14.
Featured in the image would be a cult favourite, the Violet Crumble ($14). Milky with a punch of chocolate, this shake is topped off with a copious amount of Violet Crumble bits — an Australian chocolate bar with a crunchy honeycomb center similar to that of the familiar Crunchie.
9 one-north Gateway
#01-51 one-north Residences
Singapore 138643
Opening Hours:
Mon–Sun: 0700–1800
Contact: +65 6777 8470
The Rösti Farm / Once Upon A Milkshake


Though it has been a good few years since the closure of Once Upon A Milkshake (OUAM) at Raffles City, we still mourn it to this day. With the pop-up of monster shakes all over the country, the mini-shakes from OUAM have become but a fond memory.
But unbeknownst to most, our favourite milkshakes are currently still being served in Singapore, just in conjunction with another eatery — The Rösti Farm.
Continue enjoying OUAM’s Baileys’ Cream and Rum and Raisins milkshakes, each going at a reasonable $9 each. While the volume of shake given is significantly lesser compared to the rest on this list, the amount becomes just enough when paired with a filling, high-carb meal of rösti.
Waterway Point (East Wing)
83 Punggol Central #B1-K12
Singapore 828761
Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri: 1100–2100
Sat–Sun: 1030–2130
Contact: +65 9389 4900
Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar / The Burger Bar


Fat Boy’s often have their milkshakes overlooked in favour of their gourmet burgers, and boy, these people sure do not know what they’re missing out on.

The shakes here are heavy and creamy — bearing a thickness close to the consistency of ice-cream. They are also meant to be customized, as customers are able to choose a base of either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry at $7, and add flavours at additional costs.

Bailey’s and Kahlua are available as add-ons at $4.50, with a clear disclaimer stating that it’s for “adults only” — although we’re pretty sure that the monstrous burgers served are already clearly not meant for children.

Address: Several
Opening Hours: Varied
Contact: +65 6252 8780

burger joint


A burger bar is never complete without milkshakes. Since chowing down on a greasy burger is never guilt-free, one might as well go all out and have their milkshake with some booze too.

Hailing from New York City, burger joint offers milkshakes at the quintessential flavours of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry at $11.80. But at only a slightly steeper price, have the liberty to pick a liquor to go with your shake — a popular choice being Bailey’s Vanilla ($15.80), as pictured above.

115 Amoy Street #01-03 (Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane)
Opening Hours:
Mon–Wed: 1130–2300
Thurs–Sat: 1130–0000
Sun: 1130–2000
Contact: +65 6221 8648

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