Alternative fun exercises that will excite even your sloth friend

Without a doubt, everyone has at least one friend who requires you to exert every ounce of your energy to get him out of his nest. Lo and behold, the following 9 intriguing exercise classes might just be your saviour (and a better place to spend your energy on).
1. SUP (Stand-up Paddle Boarding)

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Essentially a sport where surfers would use a longer and bigger board (10-12 feet long) to propel themselves with a single bladed paddle. Originating in Hawaii as a way for surfing instructors to manage large groups of learner surfers, it has now garnered more attention from SUP-enthusiasts both as a way to stay in shape and to have fun.
As SUP requires a strong focus on balance training, tone up your arms, abs and thighs while you race your friend to the shoreline!
An hour of rental for the paddle board starts from $40 or learn with professional guidance from group lessons at $60/hour and up.
The Stand Up Paddling School
Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
+65 9638 5565




Think of this place as a heaven for all bouncy castle-lovers – an indoor trampoline park for the kids, the grownups and the young at heart. Run wild around the over-sized playground, rebound off the corners, or get airborne at their Free Jumping Arena. 

bounce-4While the guys will be occupied at the Slam Dunk area, the ladies can get engaged with a BOUNCE FIT session, a 45 minutes exercise class with high-intensity low-impact cardio workouts supercharged with all the benefits of jumping on a trampoline. Round up the fun with a game of Trampoline Dodgeball on the trampoline courts between the sexes. This is the perfect example of exercising without a single dread.

The general access pass costs $24 for the first hour and $19 per subsequent hour.

BOUNCE Inc Singapore
#09-01, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695
Sundays – Thursdays 1000 – 2200 , Fridays – Saturdays 1000 – 0000

3. Homerun Baseball


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Swing off some calories at Homerun Baseball – batting works the core, arms and shoulders while burning 200 – 300kcal for an hour worth of this classic American sport for a 150-pound adult. With 3 baseball lanes firing the baseballs at 80/90/110km/h, horn your batting skills as you train your reflexes!


Alternate between batting and pitching to spice things up. The latter requires you to hit the number which the screen calls out to you, out of a grid of 9 boxes of numbers. With your target at a distance, it not only requires strength, but precision to hit your right number. Trust us when we say it felt harder than it sounds. By the end of it, you will be so occupied with the game that you would not even realize it was one of a good workout.

Non-members will receive 5 tokens for $20 (one token allows a game of 15 balls of batting or 12 balls of pitching).

Homerun Baseball Pte Ltd
200 Pandan Gardens #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 609336
Mondays – Thursdays 1300 – 2300
Fridays 1300 – 0100
Saturdays 0900 – 0300
Sundays 0900 – 0000
+65 6635 6315

4. Saber Combating



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Based on actual Asian Martial Arts, The Saber Authority will guide you through the foundation strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in the use of a single saber and double saber, before progressing to saber staff dueling. Once you have the basics down, experience the full thrill of lightsaber dueling as you distinguish between the striking flows, flanking movements and attack combinations of your opponent.

Leave your desk and bring along a friend (or two) to feel the rush of the win, to learn from the loss and the adrenaline through your veins.

Try your hands on this extreme sport at $25 for a one-time (60 minutes) session or get a one-month membership from $60 with a session per week.

The Saber Authority
100Plus Promenade@Sports Hub
Gate 5 – 6, National Stadium 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397629
Sundays & Wednesdays 1900 – 2015
+65 9781 9915 / +65 9648 9125

5. Aqua Spinning Classes
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Spinning classes (or essentially indoor cycling classes) are endurance classes performed on a static bike, where music and visuals are integral to this form of workout. Classes can be done in varying intensities, from leisure pedaling before progressing to sprints, hill climbs, intervals and all terrain.
What’s the catch you say? This is where the instructor’s creativity forms the pertinent factor to a challenging yet enjoyable workout class, burning an average of 400 – 500 kcal for a 45 minutes class. Instructors can take a spin on the spinning class for the day – incorporating triceps and press up workouts whilst cycling, or even adding dynamic jumps, free weights, dance moves and yoga at the end – revolutionizing the conventional idea of cycling.
Dreading the post-exercise sweat? There is where the hybrid spinning class – aqua spinning comes into play (literally). Switching the indoor cycling studio for a pool, pedaling in water provides 10 times the resistance on land, fitting in an even more substantial calories burn without breaking into a sweat. Exercising in a pool also induces a massage from the water, which prevents lactic acid from building up in your muscles, allowing you to perform your maximum throughout the session.
Rates start from $45/session for a package of 4 classes and it gets more economical as you sign up for more classes in one go.
73 Loewen Road, Singapore 248843
+65 9698 9202

6. Urban Ski



How does exercising without the menacing heat of the sun sounds? Have your first go at skiing or snowboarding right in the heart of the city! Featuring an innovative indoor rotating ski slope that caters to both learners and seasoned skiers/snowboarders, this is a sport meant for both amateurs and skiing experts. Cut down on some calories while you enjoy this sport that is rarely seen locally – without travelling to far-off lands. We are also thrilled to know that the rates include instructor fees and equipment hire with small group and personalised coaching.


urbanski2Source / Source

Progress in overall fitness and stamina, professional guidance, comfortable environment and lots of endorphins packed in one? We’re sold.

A monthly adult pass of 8 sessions costs $50/session or simply get your first trial at skiing at a price of $90 per day for both weekdays and weekends.

Urban Ski Singapore
Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-46/47/48/49, Singapore 03959
Mondays – Fridays 1300 – 2100, Saturdays / Sundays / Public Holidays 1000 – 1900
+65 6238 0575

7 . Ski360degree

Cable ski

Skip the boat for a same same but different wakeboarding experience at ski360degree, Singapore’s first and only cable-ski park. Be inspired by the pros showing off their fancy tricks around the bends and try your best to follow their footsteps – the park takes up to 8 people at a go around the cable- ski course. Don’t worry, there will be instructors there to give you some helpful tips that will get you up and riding on your board in no time.
1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891
Prices start at $38 on weekdays and $50 on weekends for an hour. There are also group discounts available.
8. Ryders at Punggol
Time to check this one off the bucket list, and thankfully there’s no need to go overseas. Just head over to Ryders @ Ponggol at Marina country club and they’ll hook you up with a boat, an instructor who is also the driver plus wakeboarding equipment and gears. There’s even a special student rate on weekdays at $90 an hour – just flash your student card for verification! Do call in advance to book to avoid a disappointing trip down.
600 Punggol 17th Avenue Marina Country Club Singapore 829734
+65 6386 3891
How much: $90 for students and $110-130 for regular adults. Current 4 hour promotion at $400 for 4 hours (max 5 people on boat).
9. Clip n climb
clip and climb
A playground with uniquely designed climbing walls for the young and old, clip n’ climb is a perfect place for family and group outings. Like it’s name suggests, all you have to do is clip your harness onto the line and have fun trying to climb the interesting routes in this theme park – no need for a belayer! This is Singapore’s very first indoor climbing theme park, brought to you by HomeTeamNS.
Clip n Climb
Our Tampines Hub 51 Tampines Avenue 4 #03-03
How much: call for rates
Number: 67059410

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