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Even if you can’t meet all your friends outside, you can always host a private gathering at the comfort of your own home! And what better way to have a party than with a gorgeous and delectable cheese board! Here are the things you’ll need to build your very own cheese board from scratch:


1. Wooden Board

Of course, to build a cheese board you’ll first need a wooden board—both for aesthetics and for functionality. This Dolphin Collection Wooden Chopping Board ($17.90) does just the trick, it’s not too bulky, just large enough (25cm x 35cm) for you to arrange all the items you’ll need for the cheese platter beautifully. This wooden board also has multiple purposes, aside from using it for your cheese platter, you can also use it as a serving dish, or even as a chopping board!

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Dolphin Collection Wooden Chopping Board from Shopee at $17.90


2. Ramekins

For a more refined presentation, you’ll need to partition smaller and/or wet items on the platter such as nuts, olives, honey, jams etc. These little 6-piece SWEEJAR Ceramic Ramekins (from $18.90; UP $22.90) are the perfect solution and will keep the wet items from mixing with the dry goods, as well as to prevent nuts and olives from rolling off the platter. 

Since they are oven-safe, you can repurpose these ramekins later to bake soufflés, crème brûlée, muffins/cupcakes and more! Get them on Shopee here

SWEEJAR Ceramic Ramekins (6pcs) from Shopee from $18.90


3. Brie Cheese

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And here we have the star of a cheese platter: cheese! Every good cheese platter needs a soft cheese, perfect for easy spreading on crackers. Brie is a good choice—rich in flavour, buttery and creamy without being funky smelling. This soft Brie Cheese by Masters From Europe ($7.30) is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Get it on Shopee here

Brie Cheese from Shopee at $7.30


4. Cheddar Cheese

When making a cheese platter for a party or gathering, it’s important to make sure to account for different tastes. Not everyone might be into soft cheeses like Brie, so it’s always good to include more classic cheese options that most people can enjoy. This Mainland Vintage Cheddar Cheese Block ($8.30) is a safe choice for those who aren’t adventurous with their cheeses; all you have to do is cut them into bite-sized slices and arrange them neatly on the platter! 

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Mainland Vintage Cheddar Cheese Block from Shopee at $8.30


5. Prosciutto Ham 

A cheese board wouldn’t be complete without charcuterie—the savouriness from the cured cold meats are essential for balancing the richness of the cheeses. A crowd favourite charcuterie item is prosciutto, uber thin slices of cured ham that are delicious on their own, or atop a sandwich of cheese and crackers. This Don Don Donki Prosciutto Ham ($5.50) is ideal for adding to your cheese platter, and won’t break the bank if you’re buying in bulk.

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Prosciutto Ham from Shopee at $5.50


6. Sliced Salami 

Another cold cut you can add to your cheese board are these Sliced Salami (from $18.90). Since they’re already pre-sliced, it’ll be much easier to prepare and serve to guests. These 1kg salami slices also come in either pork or beef options. 

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Sliced Salami from Shopee from $18.90


7. Plain Crackers

Crackers are a staple in any cheese platter, ideal for eating together with the richly flavoured cheeses and cold cuts. These Meiji Plain Crackers with Oats ($1.50) are a great choice for your cheese platter—mild tasting and made with oats, these crackers are the ideal base for building the perfect bite. 

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Meiji Plain Crackers with Oats from Shopee at $1.50


8. Mixed Nuts 

Nuts are great for adding to your cheese platters to balance out the richness and creaminess of the cheeses. The crunchiness from the nuts also add contrasting textures to your platter! Try these Nature’s Wonders Mixed Nuts ($8.80) for a good variety of assorted nuts and dried fruits that’ll suit different tastes.

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Nature’s Wonders Mixed Nuts from Shopee at $8.80


9. Raw Honey

Why honey in a cheese platter, you ask? The sweetness of honey is a perfect complement to the savoury cheese and is meant to enhance the cheese’s flavour. Set aside some of Nature’s Nutrition New Zealand Raw Honey (from $28; UP $76) in a ramekin to take your cheese platter to the next level.

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Nature’s Nutrition New Zealand Raw Honey from Shopee from $28


10. Green Olives

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If you and your guests are into olives, these Pitted Green Olives ($2.95) will make a perfect addition to your cheese platter. The saltiness and brininess of the olives will bring out the umaminess of the cheeses, and make for a perfect snack break in between feasting on rich cheeses.

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Pitted Green Olives from Shopee at $2.95