Conversations with Shirley Wong of Little Miss Bento
The SHOUT Conversation series are short lifestyle videos created with the intentions of inspiring creativity and passion pursuing through personal storytelling.
With yet another series of conversations and a divergent splash of passion, Shout introduces the owner of Little Miss Bento, Shirley, a blogger and bento creator whose creations have been featured in much of local and international media alongside an Instagram following of over 157K followers. Winner of Singapore’s Best Topical blog in 2015, voted as Influencer of the year 2015 in the FOOD category, and managing to clinch a place in the top 10 blogs in Singapore, Shirley stays true to her potent adoration for the Japanese culture.
Absorbing everything that comes along with it – the food, the kawaii nature and J-related news and updates – Shirley fuels her passion into creating revolutionary, eye-catching bento sets that have taken her patrons’ breaths away and that are telling of a fount of creativity. Branching from this through venturing into writing her own cookbook, and honing her skills in Japanese food preparation, Shirley might be “littlemissbento” but a head honcho in doing what she loves and is passionate about.



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