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Cream Filling Donuts For Islandwide Delivery!

1.Sourbombe Bakery

Sourbombe is the innovative combination of sourdough and Italian Bomboloni to create ‘bomb’ shaped doughnuts stuffed with pastry cream with an artisanal twist! Designed to release an explosion of imaginative flavours and textures in every bite, Sourbombe is known for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of traditional doughnuts to create the ultimate mouth-watering treats.

Now available for delivery, the bakery invites guests to choose from any of their signature flavours including the $5.60 Peanut Butter and Jam, $4.80 Thai Tea Mango, $5.60 Passionfruit and Caramelised Banana, $4.80 Blueberry and Lemon Thyme, $4.80 Hojicha Caramel Crunch, $4.80 Matcha Oolong Adzuki, $4.80 Lavender-Lime Mascarpone, and $3.60 Cinnamon Sugar.


Sourbombe Bakery

Address: 9 Penang Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238459

Tel: 9363 3351

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2. Doughnut Shack

Doughnut Shack is a take-away doughnut shop dedicated to exploring the possible shape and form of this all-time favourite comfort food. Creating a variety of artisanal doughnuts and Bombolinis, the Doughnut Shack is not halal certified however eliminates the use of pork, lard, gelatine and alcohol in its production.

Available for islandwide delivery, the bakery invites guests to enjoy any one of their assorted treats including the Donutella, Crème Brulee, Pistachio Ganache, Peanut Butter Jam, Raspberry Jam, Blueberry Cheesecake, Maple Cinnamon, Matcha Red Bean, Milo Orea Cookie Crunch, Speculoos Crunch, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel. Accepting orders in sets of 2, 6, and 20, the Doughnut Shack charges an estimated $6, $16.90, and $56 for each respective order.


Doughnut Shack

Address: Blk 87 Whampoa Drive #01-887 Singapore 320087

Operating Hours: (Wed-Fri): 11am-6:30pm, (Sat-Sun): 11am-6:30pm

Tel: 91096287

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3. Nassim Hill Bakery

Freshly baked every day, with quality ingredients like French Elle et Vire butter, the doughnuts at Nassim Hill Bakery feature a variety of sauces and fillings! Providing 24-hour delivery services, the bakery invites you to indulge in any one of their most popular desserts including the $14 Brioche Donuts, $1.78 Chocolate Chunk Cookies, $7 Rustic Sourdough, $2.60 Buttermilk Scones, $3.55 Canele, and $10.28 Chocolate Milk Loaf. Customers with orders above $125 can expect to receive free delivery through implementing the code ‘FREEDELIVERY’ upon checkout.


Nassim Hill Bakery

Address: 56 Tanglin Road, #01-03 Singapore 247964

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sun): 24h

Tel: 6835 1128

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4. Korio

Opened in January 2020, Korio is a humble kiosk situated at Far East Square along Telok Ayer. Regarded a hole-in-the-wall eatery, Korio is best known for its innumerable trays of colourful donuts, and hearty grilled cheese sandwiches with satisfying cheese-pulls and well-seasoned meats. Now available for islandwide delivery, Korio invites guests to indulge in their full menu, including their iconic selection of doughnuts, in the comfort of home.

Complete with a number of flavours to choose from, namely Caramelised Biscuits ($5), Peanut Butter Raspberry Jelly ($5), Passion Fruit White Chocolate ($5), White Chocolate, Coconut & Hazelnuts ($5), 70% Dark Chocolate ($5), and Original ($4.50), Korio delivers its doughnuts in boxes of four for $20.



Address: 135 Amoy Street, #01-03, Singapore, 049964

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sat): 10am-1pm

Tel: 9771 6491

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5. Puffs and Peaks

Puff and Peaks is a homegrown bakery specialising in desserts such as fudgy brownies, chewy cookies and banana loaf slices. Offering a variety of flavourful doughnuts, Puff and Peaks is now available for delivery and invites guests to choose from any one of their chunky creations. Best known for their $2.90 Cinnamon Donuts, and $3.80 Cream Filling Donuts, Puff and Peaks provides a variety of flavours such as Passionfruit, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry Jam, Hojicha, and Blackcurrant Peanut Butter.


Puff and Peaks

Address: 866A Tampines Street 83, #03-03 Central Community Complex, Singapore 521866

Operating Hours: (Thurs-Sun): 10:30am-5pm

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6. Bakes by NY

Regarded a one-stop destination for all your sweet temptations, Bakes by NY was established in 2015 and caters to events such as weddings, birthdays, festivities, and office functions, beyond providing fresh bakes to customers on a daily basis. Known best for their stuffed donuts, Bakes by NY offers a variety of flavours including their most notable, Durian, Mango Passionfruit with Vanilla Crumble, and Vanilla Custard worth $5 each. Other flavours include, Nutella, Chocolate Fudge, Ovomaltine, Cream Cheese, Salted Caramel, and Biscoff.


Bakes by NY

Address: 201E Tampines Street 23, #01-120, Singapore 527201

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sun): 11am-8pm

Tel: 81233953

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7. J.CO

J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a lifestyle cafe retailer in Asia specializing in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt. Available for islandwide delivery via FoodPanda, the brand invites guests to enjoy any one of their innumerable signature donut flavours from home. These include, the Alcapone, Avocado Dicaprio, Black Jack, Blueberrymore, Cheese Cakelicious, Choco Caviar Chocolate, Choco Caviar Strawberry, Crunchy Crunchy, and Strawberry Fondue, amongst a vast variety of others for an estimated $1.90 each.



Address: 201 Victoria Street, #01-03, Singapore 188067

Operating Hours: 9am-10pm

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