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Create The Viral 4.8K Retweets Rose Shin Ramyun At Home!

Take your Korean ramyeon recipes to the next level and experiment with new renditions of the beloved dish! Whether you’re looking to create quick dinner or are in need of tasty lunch ideas, the official Shin Ramyun website is home to a multitude of unique and versatile recipe ideas such as the Ramyun salad, Asian pancake, Ramyun hot pot, kimchi sandwich, and Ramyun burger. But if you’ve tried and tested all of these to no avail, there’s a much simpler recipe circulating the Internet, known as the ‘Rose Shin Ramyun’.

Promising to be easy for even the most culinary illiterate, the Rose Shin Ramyun consist of a few simple ingredients – one packet of Shin Ramyun, 500ml of milk, half a tablespoon of Gochujang, half a sliced onion, cocktail sausages, and sliced cheese!

To create this scrumptious dish, simply, mix the milk and gochujang in a pan on low heat before bringing it to a boil. Plop in your noodles, packet seasoning, onions and sausages, and mix till cooked. Finally lay the sliced cheese over the top for a creamier taste, mix and serve, and wait a few moments for it to begin melting.


Consider yourself successfully done once you’re satisfied with how the cheese coats the dish! The Rose Shin Ramyun is expected to be equal parts crunchy, spicy, and creamy – though feel free to further modify this simple recipe to better suit your preferences!

*All images by: @twt_recipes and @EOLE_BEORecipe on Twitter!

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