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Tired of staring at the same four walls? Perhaps it’s about time for a room makeover! Or maybe you and your significant other are about to move into your brand new BTO? Not to worry—with just a couple of items, you can easily make the house of your dreams a reality!

Creating the perfect space doesn’t need to burn a massive hole in your pocket; with just $2,500, you can totally give your room a mega facelift with minimal effort! Read on to find out what you need for the perfect room makeover!

1. Functional yet aesthetic storage spaces

What good is a pretty room if it’s not functional and practical as well? Ample storage space that is pleasing to look at and does its job is key in any bedroom. Throw your extra bedding into a basket, or use it to store items like bedroom slippers, extra tissue boxes or hats and bags.

Thaddeus Multi-purpose Basket from Hooga (#05-04 to 05) at $17.52

For smaller trinkets and knick knacks, get a couple of storage boxes. Clear, acrylic boxes are sturdy and highly functional as you can easily see and find what you need. Alternatively, rattan makes for a neutral storage space that seamlessly fits into any room’s aesthetic. 

Stackable Acrylic Box from Muji (#01-10 to 17) from $3 onwards

Stackable Rattan Basket from Muji (#01-10 to 17) from $16 onwards

Double up your storage space as a display shelf where you can show off some of your prized possessions. Or have a handy side table by the bed to keep nighttime essentials like reading glasses, water, books and whatnot.

Stacking Shelves from Muji (#01-10 to 17) from $179 onwards

GNS190 Side Table by Carlo Hoffman (#04-30 to 31) at $390

2. For lounging around

The bedroom is your personal space where you spend much of the day in, which is why a proper sitting/lounging area is essential. This cosy space is where you can take a break from work with a cup of coffee or tea, read a book or just to relax and meditate. 

A hanging hammock is perfect for afternoon naps, and you can make it extra comfy with a couple of colourful or odd-shaped cushions.

Reverin Hammock from Hooga (#05-04 to 05) at $71.92 

KOO Aria Tufted Cushion from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) at $36

Zane Cushion from Hooga (#05-04 to 05) at $10.32

3. For the walls

Make your plain walls a canvas to unleash your creativity, express your inner artist by hanging a couple of your favourite artworks or prints. Take a look at a these unique prints: 

Kirsten Katz Aussie Native Framed Print Blush from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) at $27

Balance Charm Wall Art from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $74.95

Don’t forget a mirror for your daily primping and to give yourself a final once-over before heading out the door! Wall mirrors are functional and can also act as wall decor:

Hanging Chain Mirror (Round) from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $74.95

Ombre Home Wandering Nomad Artisan Soul Cane Mirror from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) at $35

4. Don’t neglect the floors 

Your feet deserve all the love too! A good rug can help to tie the entire room together, making it much cosier and more homey. Switch up the vibe of the room by playing around with rugs in various shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. 

Knud Rug from Hooga (#05-04 to 05) at $63.92

Ombre Home Wandering Nomad Artisan Soul Jute Rug from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) at $47

Weft Knitted Carpet from Carlo Hoffman (#04-30 to 31) at $199

5. Light it up

The ambience of a room changes depending on the kind of lighting you use. Wind down for the night with fairy lights for an intimate and romantic atmosphere. 

Emporium LED Bud Lights from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) at $17

Nimbus Fairy Light from Hooga (#05-04 to 05) at $5.52

Lanterns and candles are perfect for placing by your bedside table for some light reading before bed.

Filigree Drop Shaped Lantern from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $35.96

Household Votive Candles (set of 6) from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $7.95

6. A touch of nature

Imbue vitality to your room by adding some greenery—artificial plants are the ideal choice, they require little to no maintenance yet look so good. White flowers lend a touch of timeless elegance, sunny yellow brighten up the room while green plants make for understated minimalism. 

Cala Lilies (bunch of 9) from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $18.95

Yellow Tulips (bunch of 9) from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $18.95

Botanica Artificial Dieffenbachia Green from Spotlight (#05-11 to 19) $45.50

7. Stylish statement pieces

If plants aren’t your style, you can decorate with a few funky vases to act as display pieces around the room. Quirky yet minimalistic vases are ideal statement pieces for any room and also make for great conversation starters.

Pompeo from Komme (#04-18) at $79

Flutes from Komme (#04-18) at $49

Aramis from Komme (#04-18) at $89

8. All about scents

A good scent is warm and inviting, and can truly make a difference in lifting your mood. Try adding a diffuser with your favourite scent, and feel free to switch up the scents according to the occasion.

Lumiere Diffuser from Bed Bath N’ Table (#04-17 to 18) at $39.95

Interior Fragrance Oil Green Set from Muji (#01-10 to 17) at $26

We know making over an entire room on your own is no easy feat, which is why Plaza Singapura is giving a room makeover worth $2,500 to 2 lucky couples! 

These couples will be able to create their Perfect Space with the help of our Dream Teams Chloe Choo and Choon Yan (@chloeandchoo), as well as Jade and Anthony (@houseofchais).

IG: @chloeandchoo

IG: @houseofchais

To stand a chance to win this amazing makeover, all you have to do is head over to Instagram and: 

  1. Share a photo of you and your partner.
  2. Snap a photo of the room that needs a makeover!
  3. Tell us why you need that makeover; and drop the link to your pinterest board with your  preferred design style in the caption.
  4. Tag us @plazasingapura and use the hashtag #PSPerfectSpace.
  5. Boost your chances by taking our Interior Style Quiz over on Facebook, dropping a comment with your result and IG handle!

The contest ends on 2nd October 2021, 23:59. Terms and Conditions apply. All the best and good luck!