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DIY Bubble Tea @ LiHO’s All-New Rabbit & Fox cafe!

The all-new Rabbit & Fox concept café has effortlessly stolen my attention with its uniquely conceptual menu selection. However, what makes the café much more enticing is its connection to Singapore’s renowned LiHO Royal T Group. Bringing together all of our favourite things under one roof, Rabbit & Fox showcases a diversified selection of affordable tea-based beverages, salads, all-day brunch food, and desserts.

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road, Rabbit & Fox offers customizable Teapresso bubble teas worth a mere $3.60, that are brewed to order in a specially indented tea machine, which regulates temperature, pressure, water flow, and brewing time to extract maximum flavour from the café’s fresh tea leaves.

Available in five distinctive flavours, including assam black, jasmine green, huangjin gui, roasted oolong, and osmanthus oolong, guests are encouraged to pair their individual teapresso with the café’s homemade mixes, which include fresh milk and manuka honey, and are invited to top off each drink with curated selection of delectable toppings.

Other beverage offerings include the $7.40 Flower Tea series, which comes complete in a two-tiered contraption, with a brewing pot above and a serving pot below. This series includes the café’s signature Five Golden Flowers tea set, made from pu erh tea leaves and jasmine flower, which unfolds into a beautiful sight to behold as the tea brews.

For those looking for a quick yet scrumptious bite, the café highly recommends, the $9.90 Rabbit’s Salad which showcases a mix of raw greens and roasted vegetables, dressed in truffle sauce, which can be topped by smoked chicken for an additional $3.

Beyond salads, guests are also invited to try the $15.90 Pork Bratwurst Rosti, which features two pieces of cheese-crusted rosti, alongside a hefty pork sausage, grilled mushrooms, cherry tomato salad, and Caesar sauce.


Rabbit & Fox

Address: 160 Orchard Road, #K-02/03, OG Orchard Point, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: (Sun-Thurs): 9am to 9pm, (Fri-Sat): 9am to 10pm
Website | Facebook

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