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Mao King Tavern’s Premium Beer and Durian Bar!

Governed by a strict mantra to provide excellence in a world of convenience, Durian Edition invites you to feast on a highly addictive spread of specially curated quality durians, at this new rendezvous spot in Siglap! Conceptualised in collaboration with Slake Restaurant, the Mao King Tavern durian bar was an idea born from adversity, with an aim to provide a local watering hole imbued with all things durian, ranging from bites to tipples.

Decked out in a predominantly wood and brick, warm-toned interior, the Mao King Tavern facilitates a homely yet rustic atmosphere, making it the ideal location for beers and durian!

Showcasing a host of unique creations such as, the $28/kg Black Gold, $25/kg Musang King, $15.80 Charcoal Grilled Durians, $12.80 Musang King Burnt Cheesecake, and $14.80 3-piece Premium Mochiko, the bar also invites guests to wash down each flavour with a cold glass of Mao King Tavern’s exclusive $14.90 Musang King Ale – a durian infused craft beer from fermented Musang King flesh.


Mao King Tavern

Address: 15 Swan Lake Ave, 455711

Operating Hours: (Mon-Sun): 6pm-10pm


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