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Famous Bamboo Biryani From Klang Has A Hidden Outlet In JB Just A 6-Minute Walk From Johor Bahru Checkpoint

Bamboo-steamed biryani from Taste & See from just RM8

JB Bamboo Biryani 3Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

Listen up, biryani fans! You might have heard of Taste & See, Malaysia’s famous bamboo biryani from Klang, but unbeknownst to many, there’s actually an outlet of theirs just 6-minutes away from JB’s Checkpoint.
Known for using bamboo pipes and banana leaves to cook the basmati rice and meat, bamboo biryani is more flavourful and fragrant, with extra fluffy rice as compared to other biryani dishes. This is because the banana leaf and bamboo tube prevent the rice from absorbing too much moisture, which instead absorbs their aroma!

JB Bamboo Biryani 4Each of the stuffed bamboo pipes are covered with a banana leaf to seal in the spices and then placed in a huge steaming pot. Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

JB Bamboo Biryani 6Half-cooked rice is first packed into the tubes, followed by meat or vegetables, and then another layer of rice.Source: Bamboo Biryani “Taste & See”

A total of 7 different biryani flavours are available for you to choose from, which includes the budget-friendly Egg (SGD$2.66) and Vege (SGD$3.32), the usual Chicken (SGD$4.98) and Mutton (SGD$5.98), and the super value-for-money Fish (SGD$6.31), Prawn (SGD$6.64), and Crab (SGD$8.30)!

JB Bamboo Biryani 5Refer to the menu here. Source: @dinashragawan

Each biryani is served with raita (homemade yoghurt with freshly chopped onions), and those with a large appetite can add on more sides like Fried Chicken (SGD$1.66) too!

JB Bamboo Biryani 2Source: Bamboo Biryani “Taste & See”

Be prepared to wait for a seat though, because there’s usually a full house within just 30 minutes of business – that’s how good it is.

JB Bamboo Biryani 7Drinks are also served in bamboo cylinders! Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

JB Bamboo Biryani 1Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

Bamboo Biryani Taste & See Johor
Address: No.61, Jalan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru 80000
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 12PM – 7.30PM

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