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Firewood Chicken & Bagel – New Rustic Korean Cafe @ Katong!

A new Korean restaurant specialising in bagels and chicken has just opened up in Katong! With two storeys, the restaurant has the vibes of a forest cabin with logs and branches decorating the walls – perfect for that Instagram-worthy shot.


The first of its kind in Singapore, Firewood Chicken & Bagel serves up Korean bagel and coffee until 3pm, and switches to firewood chicken at 5pm.


Bagels on the menu include six different flavours, starting at $5 for a bagel with cream cheese and going up to $13 for a Salmon bagel. You may even choose your bagel from flavours like plain, blueberry, and onion and sesame.


All bagels come with a side of curly fries as well – now you no longer have to wait till Chinese New Year to get them from McDonald’s!

At night, the restaurant transforms into a chicken place, serving up delicious fire-roasted chicken with tender juicy flesh.  A Firewood Chicken goes for $28, and you may even order items like Hot Chicken Carbonara Ramen for $8.


Both the chicken and bagels are given a distinct Korean twist – the Firewood Chicken is served on a bed of Korean sticky rice that soaks in all of the buttery flavours, and the bagels come in Korean-inspired flavours like Korean cured pork.


As part of their opening promotion, Firewood Chicken & Bagel is offering 20% off bagel set meals daily from 11.30am to 3pm! Each set comes with a bagel and a coffee – perfect for breakfast or lunch, so don’t miss out on the offer!


Firewood Chicken & Bagel

Address: 43 East Coast Road, Singapore 428764

Hours: Tue-Sun 11.30am-3pm, 5pm-11pm

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