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Overflowing Ikura Bowl & 1-FOR-1 Skewers @ Amazing Hokkaido!

Amazing Hokkaido is a Japanese restaurant at Robertson Quay offering an authentic Hokkaido dining experience. Popular as an after-work hangout spot, the place is decked out in colourful Japanese banners that will make diners forget their work day woes and believe that they have been momentarily transported to the snowy peaks of Hokkaido itself. If you’ve ever been here, you’ve probably been mesmerised by their overflowing Ikura bowls – even if you didn’t order one yourself, the bowls come with a whole performance including drums and chanting while being served, so they are pretty hard to miss.


Here’s some good news for that kiasu foodie in you – Amazing Hokkaido is now offering 1-for-1 on meat skewers and a FREE side dish with every order of their Individual Hotpot ($15.90-$16.90)!


Raved for their melt-in-your-mouth texture, Amazing Hokkaido’s Melty Skewers ($3.90 each) are available in a wide range of flavours, with toppings like seaweed mayo, mentaiko mayo, wasabi, fondue cheese, and so much more. It is worthy to know that Hokkaido is known as the birthplace of yakitori, so the skewers from this Japanese-owned restaurant is definitely something to look out for (especially with the 1-for-1 discount)!


The restaurant’s Nabe-style Individual Hotpot allows you to choose from a series of rich soups including flavours like Original Seafood Shio ($15.90) and Shrimp Miso Bisque ($16.90), and cook your own set of ingredients like vegetables and fresh-cut sashimi. With the pandemic going on, these hotpots are definitely the way to go since they are much more hygienic and convenient without any sharing of food. You can also add on additional items like eggs, noodles, and meat, but with the free side dish that you are getting, we’re not sure if that’s necessary.


While you are there, don’t forget to order a bowl of their famed Salmon Roe Rice Bowl ($39). While there are no ongoing promotions for this dish in particular, the visual and gastronomical feast that it provides will surely make it worth the price. Watch the servers beat on drums and chant to taiko beats as they pour scoop after scoop of Ikura over your bowl of rice, not stopping even when the bowl is full and spilling over – truly achieving an overflowing effect.


The promotion will go on till 10th October, and limitations apply. You may visit their Facebook page for more information.

Amazing Hokkaido

Address: 30 Robertson Quay, #01-16 Riverside View, Singapore 238251

Hours: Wed-Mon 5.30pm-11pm

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