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First Look At Uniqlo’s AIRism Mask, Set To Release In Japan On 19 June!

As the world battles against COVID-19 yet another day, Uniqlo has announced its release date for their AIRism masks, which is a product that we definitely need right now!


This mask will be part of Uniqlo’s “LifeWear” collection, utilizing its signature three-layer AIRism technology that can even block out 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Beneath lies a layer of high-performing filter with a 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. It is capable of blocking water droplets, bacterial and viral particles. It will be available in 3 sizes, small(for kids), medium and large.


Set to be released in Japan on 19 June 2020, the AIRism mask(¥990) will be sold in packs of 3 and each customer will be limited to one purchase each. No announcement is made with regards to an international release, so do check out their official website for further updates.

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