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Alcoholic Bubble Tea In Singapore With Islandwide Delivery!

If you’re a fan of both bubble tea and booze, you will definitely be thrilled to learn about The3Peas’ alcoholic bubble tea!


The3Peas bar has launched a series of alcoholic bubble teas that were specially curated by their team of mixologists, such as Gingerbread Snap(Rum), Frambolicious(Whisky) and Peach Ginie(Gin)! Each alcoholic bubble tea is priced at S$15, while the bespoke option(Surprise ME) is priced at S$20.

Peach Ginie (Source)


In a recent collaboration with social media personality Nicole Chang Min, The3Peas released a special concoction for the month of June. This cocktail, known as Peach Please, contains the fragrance of jasmine green tea with a hint of white peach, topped with pomegranate pink milk foam. For the alcoholic variation, passion fruit rum is also added to the drink! Each cup of Peach Please is priced at S$5(non-alcoholic) and S$15(alcoholic).


They also have non-alcoholic bubble tea for those we just wanna satisfy their boba cravings. Each non-alcoholic bubble tea is priced at S$3-5 and even comes with toppings such as their soft and chewy black pearls!


The3Peas utilises their own signature bubble tea milk foam recipe to achieve a smooth and creamy texture for all their drinks!


To order

WhatsApp your orders to 92442182

Islandwide delivery: S$10 delivery fee, free delivery for orders above S$100

You may view more of their offers on their Facebook or Instagram

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