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Thrill-seekers will definitely be looking forward to this year’s edition of Halloween Horror Nights 10 (HNN10): with brand new and original haunted houses and scare zones that are sure to have you shaking in your boots! 

This year’s highly anticipated Halloween event has something for everyone, whether you’re a zombie fan, or you’re looking for some scary photo-ops, or seeking some major thrills with jump scares, and even a fun interactive horror-inspired laser tag experience! 

There are a total of 3 haunted houses, 2 scare zones and 1 laser tag challenge; plus macabre-inspired dining and a behind-the-scenes guided tour and performances to look forward to at HNN10. We’ll be breaking down each attraction at HNN so you can know what to expect on your visit!


Haunted Houses

The highlight of this year’s HNN10 is definitely the Killustrator: The Final Chapter, undoubtedly the scariest and most elaborate haunted house USS has to offer. Step into the sinister mind of the Killustrator, an evil creative genius who calls himself the biggest fan of Halloween Horror Nights. Here you’ll get to relive some of Killustrator’s favourite HNN momentum reimagined in horrifying detail. This haunted house is sure to be a fan-favourite as the design of the rooms in the house is quite elaborate: with a trippy black and white comic-book like room with moving “pages”, a neon glow-in-the-dark clown-themed room and many more—this haunted house has jump scares aplenty and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Next up is one for all you zombie lovers, Operation: Dead Force is zombies galore as you join forces with an elite mutant zombie special forces team to fight rogue zombies in an impending zombie apocalypse! In terms of scare factor, we’re ranking this one right in the middle of the 3 haunted houses, with a balance of jump scares and gore that’s sure to keep you on your toes. 

The Hospitality of Horror haunted house is the most tame out of the 3 houses, and is ideal as a warm up for you to work your way up to the scarier houses. Enter the dilapidated mansion of Southeast Asia’s then-richest mogul and try to escape the evil clutches of his wife, who is in fact a wicked sorceress looking to entrap whoever enters the mansion! 


Scare Zones

For extra scares, don’t miss out on the 2 scare zones at HNN10: The Dark Zodiac and The Hunt for Pontianak! Out of the 2, The Dark Zodiac is definitely the scarier one, as you get to encounter 13 Dark Zodiacs all decked in elaborate and sinister costumes—definitely plenty of photo opportunities here! On The Hunt for Pontianak, follow in the footsteps of influencers on a quest to trap the elusive Pontianak, and snap a couple of photos with the Pontianak herself! 


Laser Tag Challenge

For something more interactive, challenge yourself to a game of Laser Tag in Escape the Breakout where you’ll make use of laser guns, or “tazers” to put down blood-thirsty criminals and escape the facility! The laser tag challenge is done escape-room style in groups of 5, so you’ll have to search for clues for the password to escape each room while fending off the rogue criminals. You’ll also be able to check your score at the end of the game. Escape the Breakout Laser Tag Challenge is available as an add-on for $38. 


Behind-the-Scenes, Live Performances & Dining

Aside from haunted houses and scare zones, you can take a peek behind the scenes and discover how some of the technical and sensorial effects are done in Monsters & Manifestations: a guided tour and performance hosted by the charming Keeper available at an additional $38. There will also be a wicked horror-themed meal in Die-ning with the Dead happening at KT’s Grill for a $105 top-up. There will also be other Halloween-themed menu items at USS’ other eateries and restaurants, and the food carts will also be available with refreshments along the way. 


Final Tips

As for how to best enjoy your HNN experience, we recommend you head straight for Killustrator: The Final Chapter as it’s definitely the highlight of the night and is sure to give you maximum theatrics and scare factor. If there are snaking queues across all haunted houses (which is very likely to happen especially on peak nights), you might want to head to the scare zones first as they’re open areas and are less likely to be crowded while still giving you a good amount of scares and thrills. 

Of course, if you want to experience HNN to the absolute fullest, the R.I.P. Tour ($288) gives you unlimited express access to all haunted houses and rides, Die-ning with the Dead and Monsters & Manifestations. Regular tickets are also available at $68 (non-peak nights) and $78 (peak nights). Other bundle ticket prices are also available, including early entry and meals; view all ticket prices for HNN10 here.


Tickets: From $68/guest

Dates: 30th September till 5th November 2022 (select nights)

Opening Hours: 5pm-11.30pm