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Go on a Night Walk at Old Changi Hospital! S’pore’s Most Haunted Building Now Has Its Own Tour

Growing up, we’ve probably all been spooked by horror stories involving the Old Changi Hospital. Rumoured to be once used by the Kempeitai as a base to torture prisoners-of-war, the now-abandoned hospital is shrouded in mystery. If you’re feeling ballsy, there’s a Night Walk going on at the haunted hospital to get you in the mood for Halloween!


With crumbling walls, overgrown vegetation, and random splashes of graffiti, the hospital looks fit as a setting for a horror movie. Adventurous trespassers often report seeing ghostly shadows flickering through the halls, and some even recount hearing disembodied screams. If you’re keen to test out the truth for yourself, the upcoming Night Walk will be the perfect event for you.


While the tour will not lead you into the hospital itself, you will get to walk around the front and back gate of the hospital and hear stories about its paranormal inhabitants. If you’re lucky – or unlucky – you may even get to catch a glimpse of these manifestations yourself.


The tour is currently full, with more than 500 people on the wait list. In fact, the number went up by more than 20 in the span of us writing this article, so it might be a tad hard to get onto the list right now. However, the area around Old Changi Hospital is open to the public, so if you’ve got that daredevil in you, feel free to gather up a group of friends (no more than 5, please) and head to the grounds yourself to do a little exploring!


You may visit this link to register for the waitlist.

Old Changi Hospital

Address: 24 Halton Road, Singapore 506997

Hours: The tour will take place from 7pm to 8.30pm on 15th October. Otherwise, just go whenever, but don’t trespass and piss off anything you wouldn’t want to mess with!

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