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Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta is Back with Galaxy Ice Cream Roll, Peanut Butter Durian Mousse and More

Apart from keeping track of durian season, hardcore lovers of the King of Fruits would also eagerly anticipate Goodwood Park Hotel’s beloved annual Durian Fiesta. Well, the hotel has announced that their epic durian feast will be back this year from 14 March to 26 July 2020. 

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To celebrate Goodwood Park Hotel’s 120th anniversary, enjoy discounts of up to 30% during the first 12 days of the launch. Further, look forward to an impressive new range of durian pastries added in the mix this year, available for takeaway at the deli. 

Below, the goodies to indulge in: 

D24 Galaxy Ice Cream Roll, $62 nett whole roll / $15 nett per piece

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Durian may be loved (or not) across all demographics, but this sparkly stellar creation is sure to bring on the Instagram crowd. A striking illustration of the galaxy envelopes smooth house-churned D24 durian ice cream — definitely a crowd pleaser, this one. 

D24 Summer Dream, $72 nett per cake (1 kg) / $12 nett per slice

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Who says durian can’t be mixed with other fruits? This tantalising masterpiece features grapes, blueberries, and edible flowers together with fresh durian pulp and sponge cake. 

D24 Party Squares, $80 nett per cake (1 kg)

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Why choose one flavour when you can get four? Spoil yourself with these D24 bite-sized cubes that come in a mix of four popular flavours, such as D24 Cream Cheese, D24 Pandan Coconut, D24 Coffee and D24 Chocolate Marquise. 

D24 Nutty Delight, $20 nett per piece

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Up your durian ante with this crunchy peanut butter marshmallow creation that comes with a scrumptious layer of creamy D24 durian mousse, no less. 

Apart from these exciting new creations, signatures like the D24 Puff ($10++ for 2 pieces), ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Mousse Cake ($72 nett for 500 grams), and D24 Crêpe ($14 nett per piece) are making a comeback. 

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Source: @liangshantravels | Instagram

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