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Mister Potato Just Released Limited Edition Daebak Ghost Pepper Chips

We’ve seen our fair share of spicy food: Pepper King Habanero Chips, Samyang Chewing Gum, and of course the famous Ghost Pepper noodles which went viral in the Youtube scene. This love affair for all things fiery isn’t stopping anytime soon, as Malaysian snack brand Mister Potato just dropped a new flavour of crisps in Ghost Pepper. 

Source: @vana_wan | Instagram

These limited edition spicy chips are in collaboration with Korean instant noodle brand Daebak, and are essentially a potato chips version of the Ghost Pepper Instant Noodles. 

Source: @vana_wan | Instagram

The cannister comes in a smaller size as compared to other regular Mister Potato flavours; both brands probably already knew it would be a struggle trying to stomach down just a few of these ultra spicy chips. 

Source: @vana_wan | Instagram

For those who manage to finish the entire can in one sitting, you can proudly flaunt your accomplishment on the ‘Certificate of Achievement’ label at the top of the can. 

Source: KL Foodie

The Mister Potato x Daebak Ghost Pepper Black Crisps are available at all 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia for RM 3.90 (~S$1.15). No word on whether they’ll hit our shores, but we reckon there’s a possibility. 


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