GrabPet Is Grab’s Newest Service That Allows Pet Owners To Easily Book Cabs

Cabbing your pet around Singapore just got that much easier
“Sorry, the driver has cancelled your book. Please make another, or call our operator for assistance.”
Many pet owners are probably very familiar with this message because taxi drivers almost always cancel once they know that you’ve got a pet with you. And even if they do accept your booking, sometimes the drivers can be overly cautious and keep checking to make sure your dog isn’t drooling all over the backseats and making you feel uncomfortable the entire ride.
Grab has finally launched their GrabPets service, where booking cabs with your furry companions should be much easier now.
Dogs, cats, and all household pets approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore are allowed on GrabPet rides, and they must be accompanied by human passengers at all times. So you can’t exactly book your dog a cab and ask your parents ready to receive him at home. Birds are the one exception to this – no birds in or outside cages are allowed.

SG GrabPet
Source: Grab

There are also other restrictions that pet owners should take note of: all pets must be in a crate or leashed at all times, and only one large pet (41cm in length or more) is allowed on a GrabPet ride at any time. Two medium-sized pets (up to 41cm in length) is also allowed.
It goes without saying that GrabPet will be more expensive than a regular Grab cab. While Grab hasn’t released the exact pricing surcharge, you can expect it to be at least $5~$10 extra, which also covers insurance for pets onboard the car.
grabpet screenshot
You can now book GrabPet rides!

All drivers will have to go through mandatory training in pet-handling and be provided with an in-car kit to keep their ride clean and special seat covers.
To launch their latest service, GrabPet users can get $3 off their rides with the promo code < LOVEPETS > and Grab will be donating $3 from every GrabPet ride to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore booked in the next one month.
Download or update your Grab app to start booking GrabPet rides.
From today until 18 March, use the promo code < LOVEPETS > to get $3 off your ride.

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