Guinness Now Has Frozen Stout-Infused Cheesy Meatballs Which Is Available At Cold Storage Now

The answer to last-minute drinking or party snacks
Guinness makes excellent stout. And they also have a whole range of Guinness-flavoured food like fudge and fruits jam, all infused with their signature beer. Other than their stout, it’s generally quite tough to find other Guinness products outside of Ireland. We’ve tried plenty of stout-infused dishes and ice cream, but we’ve always wondered what Guinness snacks would taste like.
Which is why when we were pretty excited when we saw these Meatballs With Aged Cheese from Guinness in the freezer section of the supermarket.
Being the curious eaters that we are, we immediately bought a pack to try.
According to the package, the frozen meatballs are fully cooked and is made with Guinness Beer and aged cheddar. Sounds like some fancy meatballs that you probably will get at a beer pairing session.
guinness more 2-2
The meatballs come packaged pre-cooked, so all you have to do is heat them up and they are ready to be eaten. You can either pan fry the balls or just pop them into the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. We chose to go down the microwave route, and it only took a minute for a slightly pungent smell to fill our office as the meatballs heated up. If you’ve eaten aged cheese, you’ll be very familiar with the stinky smell of good, ol’ cheese so that was perfectly normal.
Prepping the balls was pretty easy: so far, so good. And we’re not going to lie, the meatballs actually looked pretty decent and we could actually see little bits of cheese oozing out, though not as much as their photo on the packaging.
guinness balls
Now for the taste test! The meatballs tasted just like regular meatballs, with a slight hint of cheese and a malty aftertaste that we’re guessing is supposed to come from the Guinness. We were expecting a stronger stout taste and more cheesy goodness, but overall the meatballs were okay. Nothing fantastic, but not bad either.
Those who don’t like cheese might find the meatballs a turn-off, but we recommend getting them if you’re looking to try something new for a quick meal at home. The meatballs will go with pasta or rice. Or if you’re having a couple of friends over for a pint, grab a pack of these to settle your munchies.
We have to admit that the meatballs were definitely a better buy than the Guinness hand-cooked chips as you could actually taste the stout here, so props to Guinness for that. We’d rather have a pint of Guinness at this point though.
The Guinness Fully Cooked Meatballs With Aged Cheddar is available at Cold Storage for $13.95 a pack

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